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Evenings being mainly the worst feeling so rough every night like i am ill! anyone else

just as in the Title really

and if so how do you feel as i feel everything from top to bottom and feel like i have flu really badly on evenings an think i hope tomoro is always a bit better.

maybe i should stay up all night and take my pills the opposite way round and see what the effects are lol ahhhh to be freee of it all agin and have one dancing happy day agiain xxxx

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Hello. Sorry you evenings are so awful. I find a day of meds tops me up nicely and I don't feel too bad. Mornings are when I feel awful. Luckily hubby brings me a cuppa and pain relief when he gets up so it isn't too painful when I get up. I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME rather than fibro but the pain is still there.

I hope you had a reasonable night.

Piggie hugs xxxx


We share something in common pinky my hubby does the same ! To get me started on a morning. I have alllways been a morning person very lively .

But since i was give this it takes me a while to get up and get sorted hot or cold weather. At this time of year laying in bed i would be teeth chattering as soo cold not wanting to get up now am not sure i feel it so much i just go numb . My arms feel ok out of bed covers.

I used to go get such a red hot bath no one in my house knew how i could tolerate it but now am sensitive hmm . But i am enjoying my cuppa in bed these days bliss. Xx


I feel like this too but ive found if i can have a nap just after lunch i feel better in the evenings.....charlii x


Not tried the afternoon nap as usually theres no time except early evening. I do now and then but thats when no choice and my daughters then think hmm mum you never have naps, i have had phases. Maybe its my body and mind is so exhausted but its the burning aching intense it is not mild . My right arm and hand was such a pain yesterday .

Had to ask my daughter to cut me some cheese and butter my bread for the pain x

Xxxxxxxxxhuggsy x


Yes I too find evening hardest. I thought it was because I was in work during the day but I have been out of work since the end of Nov as my contract came to an end and we were over staffed so I wasn't kept on, I suspect it was because I had a couple of weeks where I wasn't feeling too good so wasn't on top form.

Anyway since finishing work I still stay active but still get worse by evening. If I am at home I try to rest for a couple of hours in the afternoon just reading/TV, or a nap if I am really tired, and I find that helps a bit but I try not to nap too long or it affects my sleep at night.


i too find mornings worse as i seize up and could do with some oil spray to get me moving but that may be due to arthritis more than fibro x


Although my pain is worse afternoons and evenings my stiffness is worse in the mornings I have to do gentle stretches before I get off the bed and the cracks and creaks can be heard quite loudly!


I'm just the same from 5pm I feel as if I have been run over by a bus, hubby thinks its a good idea to go food shopping in the evening, I've tried telling him but he says "come on you will feel better once you have been out" and then he just wonders around looking at everything !!! Trust me I'm getting very close to knocking him out, hmm I wonder if there will be a frozen turkey within my reach :)


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