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My facial problems not dental so what is it grr

I hav to say lyrica is a great help even if burns my intelligence and makes me heavy its better than feeling like i had an ice cream on that sensitive tooth but this is diff parts and had facial probs last year coming and going trying to brush teeth and being a problem! But i never went and complained as came and went unlike toothache, this is different this yr and i have had root canal and dry socket before so i know the difference, going back to Dr wed evening this time with husband cos sometimes am sure they think am mad lol so hubby there as my proof of life and how i just go to wrk and carry on but dont do any strenuous at all . I sure it trigamal on both sides of face. I hav read up on it and it seems like it ti me!

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My dentist diagnosed me with TMJD last week and said that the constant pain from just above the temple to the bottom of the neck on the same side is TMJD.... the pain that comes and goes and varies from ache to very sharp is dental. Kinda like TMJD is constant when it is there but tooth pain varies.

I hope I said that right with the fog lol!

Anyway, today I go and have a mouth guard fitted to stop me grinding my teeth when asleep (the cause of both problems for me).... hope I can sleep with it in!

Good luck

Peachy x



I got told the other week I have TMJD too. The dentist gave me some physio for it which worked :o)



Thankyoo ladies sorty you both have this awful problem! The things we go through!! Wanders why we get grumpy at times as nice as our personalities are!

Jst want resolving .

Will see tomoro nite what putcome is xxxxxhugglys xx


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