Waiting and waiting for the next appointment;

Waiting and waiting for the next appointment;

after writing on here about my prolonged pain after hip surgery, in my opinion because of fibro, I am armed with all sorts of questions and info from here and articles suggested. But my next appointment did not arrive in the post as it should have, and have had to chase them up, now the appt for the doc is for October, had the steroid injection in April, I think this is just dreadful and cannot understand how they can treat a person in this way. Saw a physio though, and also a private osteopath. who thinks i have been badly let down by hopspital physio. We are so in their hands, and helpless to do anything.

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  • Hi valerieann,sorry to here you are having such problems,it`s all so much worse with fibro isn`t it.

    The one thing you could maybe try,seeing as it was not your fault about last appointment,is to phone the consultants secretary,and tell her you would be prepared to take a cancelation appointment at short notice.

    With holidays coming up you should be lucky.Worth a try anyway.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxxx

  • thanks for that, sounds a good idea

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