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Still waiting for the crash and burn......taps toes manically

It's been two weeks now that I have been feeling okay. Not my pre-fibro self, but I have done some cleaning, spent time with the kids, been to the gym, done pilates, been managing at work. Don't get me wrong I am still in pain, not sleeping great and I wouldn't say I was well. But until two weeks ago I was struggling with everything, the fatigue was overwhelming, pain more intense. So what have I been doing differently? Well, I have been taking a good multi vitamin (it's not cheap being ill) and an omega fish oil with D3 supplement and drinking Cherry Active (supposed to rid you of cytokines - to be honest I don't really understand the science behind it, but it's supposed to boost your energy), taking my night meds and doing my physio. Now, I am not saying by any stretch that these things will work for everyone, I am not even saying they have worked for me, it could simply be that I have come out of a very long and intense flare. But I thought it was worth sharing with you. I know people on here have tried so many different things and found that nothing works for them but I have to have hope and thought I would share that hope with you. Ironically I went to physio yesterday (on the down side my gorgeous physio is leaving :( I have the most trouble with my neck and shoulders and my right shoulder was particularly bad so he tried some massage and trigger point therapy. Feel slightly like I have been run over this morning but what was interesting was that in the end he said he couldn't really do too much more, he was hardly asserting any pressure and it hurt like hell! He said I was like a brick wall! Mmmmn he's not going to be asking me out to dinner then eh? But I thought flippin eck, if I am like a brick wall when I feel a bit better what must I be like when I feel really really bad! The Berlin Wall?? He's now passed me on to his colleague *sob sob* for acupunture - obviously trigger point therapy is no good for me while my muscles are rock hard as I need more pressure than I can stand. So now i will be adding acupuncture to my long list of things I have tried! Meanwhile I still await the crash and burn, hopefully if I do crash and burn though it won't be a major one as I have been very good and am still pacing - oooer just remembered I need to add pacing to the list lol!

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Hi Melody

how wonderful so pleased that you are feeling so good

It is lovely to have positive stories , it gives hope to everyone

take care x


Come on melody .. Raises pompoms cheering!!!.. I had seven good years .... Please let it carry on for you for a long long time....

Fingers crossed

VG x


Long may it last, Melody!

I have felt easier since taking high strength fish-oil capsules, and my rheumatologist says that a lot of her patients have benefited - it's worth a try!

I do hope your improvement is permanent, or at least very prolonged - think positive!

Moffy x :)


I am new to this site but your comment really interested me. Although I have FM I don't think I have it as bad as some people, which I am entirely gratefull for. However, over the last 3 weeks I have had a really bad flare up & have been feeling really bad. I have been talking vitamins, inerals etc with a friend of mine who's son has crohn's & in our quest for cure we came across advise about using vitamin D and omega 3 so I started taking it & for the first time in a few weeks I don't feel like 12o,000 years old. Like you are I am wondering is it just the end of a flare up or is it the tablets. Lets hope hey!!!!!


Yes I am grateful like you too. I can still work (3 days a week) but there are times that is all I manage and kids, house - me - get neglected. I am grateful for the times I feel okay, though never 'well' but I suppose when we feel bad it is all relative. When I can't get out of bed due to fatigue, I am thankful it's not because I can't walk (though sometimes that can be a struggle), but at the same time I am consumed by guilt that I miss time with my children and how they are affected by this. One way or another your are 'robbed' of your previous life. Today I have been robbed of a normal functioning brain! But that was because of lots of stress at work though I am taking that as a signal and am going to spend the next few days properly pacing - I so don't want to go back into a flare. I like feeling 'okay' again! I am so glad that the vit D and omega 3 have helped you too, that is fab news. There must be something in it mustn't there? Let me know if you find any other good stuff - I am willing to try anything to stay on the right side of 'normal' (within reason of course!). MPx


Morning Melody when I started to read your blog I thought may be just maybe you were starting tap dancin lessons - kick the .....out of the gremlins! So glad you are feelin good enjoy the acupuncture I always found it marvelous for energy raising Good luck xgins


Hah, that could always be an option should I regress! Yes looking forward to the acupuncture - fascinates me how it can work. Anything that can potentially help is okay with me. MP


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