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Waiting for diagnosis

I am new to this site and after years of suffering on and off with pain, i feel i am now starting to get somewhere. I have had the tests for MS and have now been refered to a rhumatologist. It was my best friend who unoffically cares for me who researched Fibromyalgia and said having looked on the NHS site that all the symptoms and tests and explanations i have had over the years where echoed by many of you. Even symptoms that i have that i just put down to me are echoed on here.

Finally my doctor said at my last reveiw that he thinks the outcome of my results will be Fibromyalgia. I have read alot of posts on here and it is reasuring to know what is to come and that there is support and somewhere to come and talk when things get hard.

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Hi tashat80,

Its lovely to meet you, but sorry you ahve fibromyalgia, but it is good you have a name to whats going on with you. You have found a really good place to be, everyone is so good at giving advice and suport and some laughs most days too.

hug, kel xxx


Anytime you want to offload this is a great place, I am new myself, only been on here just under a week and already making new fiends who know what this feels like. So if you need to chat come on in... good luck with the Rhumy! :)




hi and a very warm welcomre to the site i hope that you find alot of answers to your questions and most of all realiset hat you are not alone anymore or going mad love to you and pe to chat again soon love diddle x


Hi Tasha and welcome. I must admit a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia for me was a bit of a relief. Having loads of different symptoms and not getting a proper diagnosis can be quite distressing as it makes you feel as if you are going mad. Fibro is not nice but if you can get your symptoms under some kind of control then life can go on although not "normal" as you think of it.

You will always get lots of support on this site from people who understand what you are going through so never be afraid to come on and say what you are feeling. Look forward to catching up again soon. Love Angela xx


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