fluid on the bicep

Hi Guys

Due to severe pain in my left shoulder for quite some time, I eventually had a scan which my physio said showed fluid on my bicep.

I have tried to look this up but can only find bicep tendinitis due to injury

I haven't done anything to injure my shoulder as I am not physically able to do anything that energetic.

Somebody did drive into the back of my car at 50 mph a year past March which blumming hurt my neck, shoulder and knees but it seemed to be okay after a bit.

Could this be a fibro thing??

Have any of you guys had this??

Had a Cortisone injection on Friday but no difference yet - doc said it could be a couple of weeks and physio said it could be 6wks (if it works at all)

Has anybody else had Cortisone injections??

Thanks guys

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  • Many people on here start with FM following accidents just as you describe, even months or more later. Not the same for me, but I was interested in your bicep problem. I'm quite restricted because of issues in my biceps, worse right than left, I get the feeling they are being pulled apart. I have widespread rheumatoid arthritis as well as FM, and it's a problem working out what comes from where.

    I very much hope the cortisone injection starts kicking in soon. They can be very effective, and I wish you well. :) Tulip xx

  • Pulled apart is a very apt description as well as feeling like my arm is stuck. It just will not move. I tried until the pain is so bad I am in tears but it won't blummin move past 90 degrees grrr.

    I think my fibro started way before the car thing. I used to be immobilized by huge spasms in my back. I couldn't even swallow.

    Gradually improved with therapy. Still pain but I can stop the full blown spasms - most of them anyway.

    Then my knees and hips. Then you was floored for weeks by what I thought was a virus - had my FM diagnosis and now my arms are starting lols xx

  • I'm sure you've been developing the FM symptoms for many years. and then that accident really sent you up a gear. One of my weird thing was swallowing, especially on the phone when you need to swallow before you need to speak - panic stations. I've had this problem with my arms for about 5 years. Wish you well :) Tulip xx

  • Thanks Tulip, nice to know we are not going bonkers and we are certainly not alone xx

  • Def. not alone! Be good to yourself. :) A bit cheesy, still true. Tulip xx :)

  • Hey Tulip

    Do you still get swallow problems? I haven't had any major spasms for a while but it often feels like my food gets stuck in my chest. Feel it in my back too - between my shoulder blades. I try to eat really moist food but if I treat myself to a Panini or something it is really hard work xx

    A few years back I was treated for acid reflux which constricts things but now even if a tablet is too big I feel it sitting there xx

    Is that a fibro thing too 😊 xx

    What did/do you use to help 😊


    Margaret xx

  • It comes and goes, especially tough in times of stress. I use deep breathing and distraction, which may or may not help. I get sudden flare ups of heat that rises up and feels like my ears are blocked off too. I used to get reflux, now use Ranitidine. All the problems you're having are very common amongst people with FMS, but are not the same for everyone. I loathe and detests all meds Either getting tablets down, and some come in liquid form, all of which are revolting. I'm afraid there are no easy options. Some days/weeks/months, I never know what I'm going to wake up to, and I'm wary of making plans ahead of time. I'm blessed with small but loving family, and friends that I've known most of my life. I also have the very best GP ever. When I read about people like you and the terrible way you've been treated, makes my blood boil. Not necessary. There may not be much they can do to make things easier, but a GP is supposed to at least show some compassion!

    If you're feeling nobody is listening this is the best place to come, we understand. It also appears to me that you are the one who looks after everyone else. This is another problem we share in common. FM is often called the Invisible Illness. The people you know cannot always see your pain, and it doesn't occur to them that perhaps things have changed. Take care Margaret. Tulip xx

  • Dearest Tulip

    What a lovely and kind person you are. Thanks so much for your lovely reply.

    My GP is very good really - better than any so called specialist he has sent me to.

    I am not very good at asking - I feel like a real moaning minnie.

    I don't think I have mentioned that I still have a problem with food getting stuck - I think sometimes it is best just to manage. I always go blank when I make an appointment and I feel like I should just toughen up and stop moaning ha ha

    I only really go when things have escalated and I am struggling to cope.

    You are right about it being invisible though - I just find it easier to plod on than try to tell people how I feel - wouldn't make any difference if I did and I don't want pity, I just want to keep my job xx

  • Have you thought about getting advice from Occupational Therapist (OT). I dont know what you do for a living, but an OT could advise on how to make things easier and hopefully help you keep your job.

    Thank you, I'm so glad to help. I'm struggling as well at the moment, and it helps to know I can help someone else! Best wishes :) Tulip xx

  • Thanks Tulip.

    I have an appointment with work Occy Health on the 11th. I am hoping they can advise. I have just seen your other post and sent a reply.

    Please take care of yourself and share your worries - wish I could give you a hug and a shoulder - sounds like you really need one to get it out of your system xx

  • P.S. Dietry changes sometimes help. I use soya milk, cut out wheat, helps a lot with reflux, digestion etc., oedema.

    Tulip :) xx

  • have you asked your doctor about frozen shoulder/encapsulitis. not sure of the spelling but after 19 years with m e both my shoulders got this. apparently there is a form that is due to enforced rest. i have had steroid injections and physio together they helped a lot with making arm movement easier.sorry i have no experience with the fluid on your bicep .i know some doctors like to aspirate excess fluids on inflamed joints. best wishes.

  • Thanks for the info ALKT 😊

  • Hi Landslider,

    I've been having a similar problem to what you're describibg and have been offered injection too. I have the pain and stuck thing happens with me , I get stuck if I for example am trying to out in or take off a cardigan or jacket. It's stiff when I get up and I feel like I'm guarding it. It's a nuisance.

    I hope you can get some relief.

    By the way, I crashed my car about 14 years ago and my neck shows a lot of wear and tear, my symptoms started about ten yrs ago.

    Sending you a wonky hug xx

  • Hi Annita

    Wonky hugs hahaha love it

    Does your whole arm go numb after the most excruciating pain 😓 Horrid isn't it grrr I have to prop mine up with a pillow at night lol 😁 xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and it is not something that I have personally suffered with. I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Landslider,

    Yes it does go numb and if I move during the night it wakes me up numb/sore. I have to pull it over with me or it's very sore.

    I have rhumatology-physio then occupational therapy tomorrow. If I'm offerred injection I'll take it. My husband had a cortisone injection for carpel tunnel and it eased the pain and numbness for about three months but it didn't take effect immediately. If that helps. X

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