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Muscles go "rigid" & body tenses -hard to explain!

Don't know what to do to relieve this, it stops me from getting any sleep. When I go to bed, just as I start to drift off my body tenses up, hands are clenched & it jolts me awake..happens everycouple of minutes...every muscle goes tense. I don't know what to do, can anyone suggest why it happens? thank you, Kaye.

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Thanks for your comment but i think its happens & lasts a few seconds & then stops but starts again about 3-4 minutes goes on for hours.


hi i get myclonic twitches is that what u are getting??

hope this helps :)


Hi, I just read the definition as I've not heard of it before. Yes, it does sound like myoclonic twitches.

How do you stop them because they hurt?

Thanks, x


hi fibro_suport cannot rele help with this mine just eased on their own still get them but mild..... try GP if any medications that may all i can suggest xxxx


Thank you Mdaisy, I will get a docs appt. this week & let you all know what happens incase its of use to you at a later date, xx


Hi Kaye,

Amitriptyline helps as it relaxes the muscles and helps you sleep too.

I get spasms too sometimes - it's like my jaws have a life of their own and I end up biting my tongue or the inside of my cheeks.

It is the strangest of feelings as we have no control over this happening - just how many weird symptoms does Fibro have?

A fellow sufferer - Ren Robin xxx


Thanks Ren Robin, I do take 20mg of Amitiptyline but maybe i need to take more when this happens.

I also have been biting the inside of my you say...there are so many symptoms!!

Thanks again, Kaye xx


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