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new miracle drug starting with E ???

my mother has been told by a friend of hers that the womans husband has fibro and hes been put on a tablet that makes sure he can still go to work, she couldnt remember the name just that it started with a E and was a short name???? does anyone know what this miracle drug is?? my mother asked me can i not have that tablet instead of all the cocktail of pills i take as it must be great if people can still go out to work allday ? anyone heard of it? hugs xxxx

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Reminds me of the song, "Eberneezer Good" by The Shaman. Altogether now, "E's are good, E's are good!" Julie xxx


ive just asked her if its elavil shes talking about and she said thats the one , me tut tut told her thats amitryptline and ive been taking 200mg a night for the last 3 years , , told her he must only be taking a small dose and if he can do without pregablin, tramadol etc then his symptoms cant be bad if he can function without pain killers,. You know i seem to get somewhere with my family regarding suffering with fibro and all the other nasty things it brings with it , then i get asked something like that and i feel there thinking well if someone else can hold down a job with the same thing then why cant i ? hugs xxx


People who get so easily 'cured', especially by one little pill, probably never actually had fibro in the first place! I just get so annoyed/peed off when someone claims to have such a cure like that. Good luck with the educating! Gentle hugs, Julie xxx


Maybe it is "Ecstasy"!!!!( ha ha!) :) :)


Nice one phlebo123, like the idea of gp's prescribing ecstasy!


there are varying forms of fibro and degrees of pain and disability with it.

no two people are the same but, sadly,assumptions and comparisons are made.

fibro is not as easy to understand or see as a broken leg "but you look so well!"

often family and friends feel helpless and will jump at any possible cures, (as we all can at times) because they don't want us to suffer.

I can't take amitryptilene (sp?) as it brought on scary hallucinations.


Hi bellablot

I am so sorry to read that your hopes were built up this way only to have them squashed like that! I genuinely hope that you are not too disappointed and you are feeling as well as you possibly can be? I think if there were any new miracle treatments for Fibro, then Mdaisy would be screaming it at us over the roof tops!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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hi i have fibro and its really getting me down today i have been reading about hemp oil not hemp seed oil the one i mean is illegal in the uk as its made from the cannabis plant but from what i have read it seems wonderful cures all sorts of problems cancer ms and just about everything .i feel quite desperate today i want to try some anyone tried it


Hi elaine02

I just wanted to say that I am so sorry that you are feeling such pain today, and I genuinely hope that you start to feel better soon. It may be worth discussing the issue with your GP?

Take care



oh i`m on amitryptline and painkillers paralcodol and codeine i still have the pain but make me zonk a bit


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