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AVN ... came out of nowhere

I experienced sudden, severe hop pain on right hip in early March. Then, onset if chronic 9 low back pain. Given I have has 4 lumbar fusions (one failed miserably) I thought just related.... however hip pain became much worse and now dominates my day . Dropped Health Insurance in January due to self withdrawal from 10 heavy years of morphine use deemed ruining quality life .. all this to say I have full blown AVN of right and now starting on left side radiating down rigjt leg

So want to knoW if anyone successfully used weight training to build support muscles so Strong to compensate for no hip? Been doing self PT being the former body builder and mentality .... cant afford hip replacement or doctor until insured again ... absolutely miserable

On brighter note tried Kratom today and just impressed with overall effect swelling and pain 100 times better .... a miracle legal drug for me 4 to 8 grams 3 times day Going to gym in morning Ot healing but one hell of a help

Anyone lifting with AVN?

Kratom rocks

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Hi Dougjl,sorry to hear about your hip,losing your health care isn't to good either. Do you have fibro too? Please be careful with the kratom , it's legal in the USA but not in alot of Europe and even Thailand were it's from. Could be addicting and not mix with other meds! Hope you find pain relief😃 have a good night. Chris

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Yes. Have Fibro too. Every joint and severe nerve pain 24/7 though my surgeon deems Fibro a joke... said many lumped into that category when they don't know... leaning towards it being fictitious??? Told him my shoes are size 12. Want to wear them? No one could possibly understand the pain we endure ... fiction? Only he can't pinpoint to operate... my shoes are for sale!!

I have degenerated disc disease and Fibro A surgery about every 3 years to date The nerve pain showed up above 3 years ago .. relentless and now osteonecrosis now hitting both hips and right knee .... what else?

I just grim and bear it now with no pain killers ( got off this year by choice.... Very difficult). Got hooked on Meth trying to handle morphine withdrawal.... finally off it .. Kratom got me off meth with no 3 week sleep and depression Amazed and thrilled.... so drug free but hurt like....

Starting exercises again ... been one hell of a year

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Oh. I will take Kratom over Meth any day. Sorry to say I got addicted to meth trying to get off morphine. Got off but JUST got off Meth using Kratom. Not proud of using Meth but it gave me energy like i once had I am 54.... Fibro etc can make you self medicate... so happy meth is in my past now. Without Kratom would been on fot life. Weaning off Kratom now but really did not gave to use much. Great herb. Saved my life


Hi Dougjl

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:


I do not personally live with AVN, and I am so truly sorry to read that you do. I am not sure if weight lifting can restore blood flow to any dead bone though? The *AVN Charity UK website says:


* Taking care of your jointsAvoid awkward liftingAvoid awkward lifting

When you have avascular necrosis AVN it is important to look after the affected joints and also to protect your other good joints. This might mean learning new ways of carrying out everyday tasks to reduce the stress on all your joints.

To protect your joints you should:

Pace yourself throughout the day.

Notice which actions and movements worsen the pain.

Avoid straining joints by doing things awkwardly.

Avoid being in one position for a long time.

Keep active with exercise, but balance any activity with rest.

Try to stick to a healthy weight.


I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hey Dougjl

Sorry to hear what your going through it sounds awful. Was just wondering have they confirmed the AVN has been caused by the spinal fusions? I'm guessing so but I know there are other things that can cause this such as injury and dislocation. I don't have AVN myself but have been weight training for many years, most of my adult life up until 4 years ago ish until the fibro took hold. My reasoning for my training was to support my bones and joints as I have Hyper mobility syndrome and also some problems with ligaments and tendons so had to meticulously plan everything to get me as good as I could be. Over the years I've done a lot of research and a few courses, Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease as part of my goal for career change (I want to be a registered Homeopath).

I took a supplement that helped me and I'm wondering if your condition might benefit from it too, I was taking NO2. This product is a natural supplement, it acts as a signalling molecule in the vascular system and dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow, hence delivering oxygen and nutrients quicker to areas of the body including bone and muscle. I think this could be worth a go whilst your training to support your bones and support the AVN as best as you can. Other supplements on top of this that may support further, would be Vitamin D and Calcium, and I would highly recommend either googling recipes to make your own Bone Broth for collagen or if you can afford it, there are companies making it fresh and also places that sell easy to take supplement powder or capsules but if you do have the time, making it from scratch it probably the best. I make mine with chicken or beef, its tastes lush and you can make batches and freeze it too.

I hope this helps a bit,

Claire x


Yes I had a Thoracic disc that broke and squeezed/ compressed my spinal cord leaving me witl no feeling in fingers toes or calves ... they kept looking in Lumbar and s sending me to PT! Also fell 10 feet to drive way ftom Ladder tearing ACL same side snd likely fractured hip They don't know really what caused it though just genes

Tried every supplement out there ... frustrating


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