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No i dont mean me lol i wish i did ha ha . I have been sorting out my house this week ss have put up for sale on e bay mt huge table and chairs/my gas bar b q that has been used 4 times if that / my writing bureau i am selling them all to pay for my new furniture that is due to come on 10th july . i have got a bid on the bar b q . i am also selling my old lap top as spares too so hopefully may jus scrape enough money to pay for all the new stuff

Wish i could put my body on e bay and then buy new bits lol

love to you all diddle xxxx

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Thanks diddle just gave me a good laugh ... Now that's a good idea only trouble is so many parts too get new bits for could be quite traumatic especially when it comes to brain too get rid of brain fog LOL.......

Love Sue xx


Hope you manage to sell your stuff, Diddle. it sounds like it will be Xmas at your place soon lol. As for a new body, can I please put my name down for Elle McPherson's? :-D


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