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hinderence or selfish tough choice

iv got fibro, ocd, social anxiety, depression an seperation issues 2 name a few. im not happy my mum an her partner r goin awa 4 a few day's an nyt's so iv asked my lil sis 2 not leave me alone but she wants 2 go 2 my other sisters an stay, iv always been indepentant up2 bout 5 years ago when ma gran died.

i feel quilty ruinin ma sisters an family's plans iv even thought of takin my own life 4 numerous reasons but my family say people who tak their own lives r selfish.

i can't win i don't lyk bein by mysel coz i find it harder not 2 take my own life.

i just want ity all 2 stop x

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Oh Sweetness never think like that!!! You are a strong Woman!!!! Please please see a counsellor and if at all possible go to a REPUTABLE alternative medicine practitioner

I had problems being extremely shy to the point of phobic but I went to a Cranial Sacral therapist and it changed my life

Your problems are most likely NOT you - we all have to come to terms with or cope with families - please dont despair - look in the mirror and keep telling yourself "I'm as good as most and better than alot". " everyday in every way I get better and better

You can do this !!!!!

Gentle hugs xxx

PS never forget you can pick up the phone and the Samaritans are there to listen.


please please dont even think this way what part of england are you in you cantalk to me day and night i tried suicide twice and was resusitated.. dont do it hun please. petal


thanx 4 the comment's i actually saw my councellor the day i think i need a beta 1 when i was in 3rd year at school i tryed takin an overdose of pills which didn't work so i won't b doin that again.

im up at scotland.

i do phone breathin space which is along the same lines as samaritans. x


Hiya i am suffering the same as you,really don't like being on my own,am terrible when my kids go to their dads.mine has got a lot worse since I lost my mum,I am just hoping and praying things will get better in time. I've been trying to get some coping strategies in place for this weekend as they are away. I shall post on my blog,will walk my dogs,will go round to my friends if I need to,will go on an anxiety chat room that is very helpful with lots of people who understand you. I think if you can do this you can get through it. Let's get through it together :)


2nyt is the nyt, i felt so guilty spoilin my sisters plan's i said 2 just go ahead with her plans, im goin 2 have 2 b on my own at some point, not sure how im goin 2 cope iv got alot of housework 2 keep myself busy an the internet facebook/this site 2 speak 2 friends. im more worried about through the nyt an 1st thing in the mornin but as u say we'll get through this 2gether teddysmum43. im tryin 2 stay positive x


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