I am a serious lover of PANTOMIME are you?

Well for a giggle who would you be and which panto would it be?

Example I would be " Fibro the phylosopical " magican to Alibaba and the Forty theives

one of my favourites was always being one of the Ugly sisters in Cinderella a part I played in Carlisle and adored every minute. Oh yes I did!

You an also make up your own panto names so bring it on folks.......................

CURTAINS OPEN...........ACTION..........................

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  • Ok this part would put me a pantomime for adults only but as I am having bad flare of chostochondritis .. AGAIN and am once agin bra less.. Even my comfy stretchy ones that are advertised all over tv are too much for me today, so I,ll sign up for the back end of the cow In jack and the beanstalk..... Or if I have to play nice .. I,ll settle for grumpy out of snow white

    VG x

  • OH NO I'M NOT!



  • I'd probably be dopey, sleepy and a that extra special one kn*ckered!

    or the magic mirror - I could sit around all day and tell people they're cute!


  • I would love to be Sleeping Beauty, because ive acted in loads of panto's but always been a man (im tall) so ive been Man Friday, a Scullion, Humpty dumpty, Prince charming, a male slave, you get the picture? oh no we dont lol.Well if i could be sleeping Beauty i can just sleep for a hundred years with no pain or flare ups!! so sleeping beauty it is then! xx

  • a love the title a Scullion - not sure what one of those is. I too have been in loads it started when I left The Arts Educational and went to Watford Palace Rep and from then every opportunity I got I would put my hand up weather it was Amatur Dramatics village plays what ever love it. The green room in carlisle runs a panto every year for ten days solid and matinees hard work but oh you really enjoy it. xgins

  • A scullion is the male version of a scullery maid (lowest of the low) it was a fun part!.I live near Watfors itself, so funny it was mentioned in your blog!.I aslo have done amatuer dramatics/pantos for many years (with fibro cant remember any lines now though ) oh yes you can...lol hope you are in a good place with your pains love Kimmy :-)

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