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I am so disappointed now!!!

Hi all, I recently told you that I was going in on Wednesday to have my first hip replacement done and unfortunately they found on the pre-op that I had a water infection and despite taking a full 7 day course religiously of antibacterials that the gp gave me on testing again they have found that although part of the infection has gone not all has so I have to take more tablets but it is too late now for the operation date and the hospital have cancelled the op till they send me another date out. I am so annoyed really as I did ask the Nurse the week before that I went for the pre-op to dip my water that I took in when I went for my diabetic check and she made a fuss about not having time but said she would do it at the end if she remembered and if I heard from her then I would have to get treatment. I never heard anything and had to assume that she had dipped and nothing was there. Of course I was right and had I known I could have had that cleared up earlier but you can't prove a thing and at the end of the day I know it might seem a bi t petty but I have been going through all manner of emotions since I got the date and now to have to wait again just seems to be mucking my emotions up terrible today. I have to just keep telling myself that I have to trust that it is all part of God's plan for me and I may not yet know what that is. Grrrrr.

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sorry to hear that your op got postponed because of water infection, i think it would help sometimes if nurses and docs listened to us as we do tend to know our own bodies, i should imagine you are feeling u pset because it takes forever to hear on the n.h.s as it is,i have quite a few health issues so know what it is like on what i call the nhs roundabout,once your infections cleared up pester the secretary of the surgeon who is to do your op,if she can't help ask her who you can phone periodically to see if you can get on any cancellation lists,i do this sort of thing all the time sometimes it has been beneficial, in fact in 2008 i had to have my bladder removed and there was a 6 month wait ,i spoke to the secretary of the guy doing the op and got a cancellation and was in a week and a half later for op!!! i know how hard knock backs are and what a really bad impact they have but try to stay positive ,it is the "system" that is malfunctional NOT YOU !!


Aww bless you big soft hugs xxx



Thanks to you both for your good wishes. I will certainly be ringing up if I don't get another date sent through pretty quick. My surgeon is already very conscious of me being a high risk for a wound infection so it will have done his confidence no good at all that I had a urine infection that was not cleared up with one weeks supply of a fairly strong antibiotic that the doctor told me they would normally only have needed to have given 4 days of. Mind you it does make me a bit nervous myself. So many things go through your mind and I know they have to tell you all the risks but it does just niggle away at your brain when you get knocked down at the first hurdle since being given the go ahead to have the operation that I have spent so many years fighting to get my weight down enough for, I just have to try to stay positive and try not to think. I am glad you got your bladder removal done earlier by ringing up as there are always cancellations as there has been with me. Somebody should benefit this week from my misfortune and I hope it is somebody who is really deserving. xxx


Thanks Chris. I had been mentally preparing myself for ages as I am actually not keen on being away from home which I am sure that is something that a lot of fibro sufferers will understand. I like to be where I know I have my own things around me and my husband to bring me back down to earth when I am getting a bit worked up and worried. Still worse things happen and I still believe that things happen for a reason and the more the day has gone by the more I have remembered that. Never mind I am sure that it will happen soon. The shame was I cancelled a dental surgery appointment as it was going to overlap with me being in with my hip and I have got to the end of July for that now and you can bet your bottom dollar that the appt for my hips will interfere with that again but that is sods law isn't it. lol. All the very best to you too and all the other members xxx


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