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One step nearer!!

Hi all, i haven't been on here an ages, i just cant be bothered most of the time, and when i can be bothered, i cannot get near the computer lol.

Well, i have me ESA Appeal tomorrow, i am not looking forward to it at all, but i will be glad it is over. It has taken 8 long months to get there so i just hope th wait has been worth it.

I have a good letter from my doctor to back up my claim, and someone to represent me, so, all i can do is hope.

I dont know how these things work, will they listen to the Doctor or not i just dont know. At least i will know one way or the other by $pm tomorrow,

Wish me luck everyone lol i sure need someone to be on my side, because nobody from above seems to be looking out for me these days..

I hope you are all having a pain free day

Much love n gentle hugs xxxx

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I am sure lots of people will wish you luck xx so fingers and toes crossed for you ...


gentle dyslexic hugs


Good luck for tomorrow I'll be rooting for ya x


Good luck tomorrow xx


Good luck xxx


Thankyou all for your good wishes. I am a jibbering wreck today, I cant cope with going to places i have never been before, it makes it worse, because the appeal is being held in the Magistrates court house :-( Makes me feel like i have done something wrong, rather than fighting for something i feel i have a right for. I will let everyone know how the hearing goes & thankyou again for your wishes :) xxx


good luck for tomorrow love beth xx


Thinking of you & hoping that you achieve success... Every good wish. xxx


Wishing you all the best! :)


Best of luck to you & I hope you let us know how you get on.

I myself have been waiting on an appeal date from Feb of this year. I am dreading it so much but trying not to think of it until I have to.

Luv & Hugs



Good luck , I get round not being able to get near the computer I have a blackberry torch works just as well and you can use it anywhere even when your layed up in bed like I am my hubby won't let me get up he says ill strain my self to much especially with this hole in my chest, luckily I have things to keep me occupied DVDs crocheting books talkingg to you good people.well good luck I hope it goes well .


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