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sick of bein sick

tuesday i went through 2 aberdeen which is a 2 hour awa from where i live then on wed went through 2 inverness which is an hour away luckily 4 me my mum drove me 2 my app's but then on thur i woke up with stomach cramps and sickness. not 2 sure if it was a bug or just 2 busy days takin the toll on me.

i took my meds but they kept comin bk up so i went a whole day in absolute pain and felt extremely low.

my family believe me that i was sick yest because i was bein sick but don't believe im ill with fibro every other day oh well rant ova feelin abit beta 2day x

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Poor you, the road from your end into Aberdeen is not the best We live to the south of Aberdeen and its a much better journey I hope you feel much better soon and manage to keep your meds down I often feel like sticking a label on my head saying I may look ok but I DO HAVE FIBRO and its very real !! Hugs to you xx


I think everyone on here is the same zoe. My family only seem to believe me if i am showing signs of illness ie using crutches, being sick (usually with migraines) but the rest of the time i dont think anyone other than people who have this condition believe how low and ill and in pain you are.

Glad you feeling a little better but remember you have to pace yourself and rest when need it.

hugs to you xx


My family and husband have been truely fantastic, I have AS as well as FMS and so movement has been difficult for the past 21 years!.We have to laugh about it sometimes otherwise it would just get us all down. My husband calls me

'sick note' but it is said in jest and with love. He works hard eveyday and some days I cannot even get out of bed, he comes home and makes me lemon tea and makes sure I've eaten. My daughter helps me when I need to go out. I am supposed to be at work but have been signed off more than been in work this last 2 years. It's not going to get better, in fact I have detetriated so much in such a short period of time. But, I look at my family and and couldn't wish for aanything better, they are caring, kind, loving, compasionate and always there. I to am sick of being sick. Love to you all xxxx


thanx 4 all the lovely comment's an advice, it really does help alot x


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