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Does anyone get pain/twitchy limbs down one side?

Hi, just joined this site and found it really helpful - thank you. So here I go with my first q; I've been diagnosed recently (3 months) with fm and I get quite a lot of trouble down one side. Most often it's my left - this morning I can't put my left foot down because of the pain in my ankle bone, my side is tingling and my left arm keeps twitching (no work for me today!) Does anyone else get this and is it a comman fm thing? If you have any tricks that you use for dealing with it that would be fab too- thank you!

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yes I do it can change side, my ankle locks, I tingle buzz etc


i get whole body twitches that wake me up if im asleep, sometimes i nearly jump out of bed,lol.mine are alot worse at night when im trying to relax


I'm so glad it's not just me, I've been feeling a bit isolated recently trying to explain the pain and symptoms etc. Thank you :o)


Hey tribalwelshgirl, :)

I get similar symptoms. My right side sometimes feels a lot heavier then the left. It also feels more numb, and some how weaker- less mobile? - more wobbly? It makes me feel very unbalanced.

When I'm particularly stressed twitches and mini stabbing sensations come out on my face & again, I've noticed this is more dominant on the right side(especially my eyebrow), as well as getting a dull pain creep around to my left eye.

Its very strange and unpleasent.

Gentle hugs wanderingwallflower xx


All my limbs twitch, even my head, make myself laugh sometimes cos I can be sat in bed reading or watching tv and my head will suddenly jerk backwards and hit the wall, my legs and arms jerk a lot and sometimes my whole body will jerk when I'm laying down, not a nice feeling x


Wow, I wish I could laugh, I just get cross at myself - really silly as there's nothing I can do! Think I'm goingtowork hard at seeing the funny side to try and deal with it a bit better. Thanks :o)


I also have all of the above down the left side top to toe. I can now laugh at these things but in the early days not at all. It takes a while to come to terms with how fibro changes your life, and some of the electric shock feelings and tingling are scary at first. Don't get me wrong, I get so frustrated that my life has changed so much, but am a lot more relaxed about things now. My motto, it hurts if I do, it hurts if I don't! Hope the symptoms ease off for you today hun. X


Yes I can twitch for England. Mainly left leg and used to be worse at night. Came about from taking Gabapentin meds. I am now on the more expensive Pregapentin!! I have now been referred to Neurologist - I am in pain from the waist down and notice muscle cramping.

The last few days have not been so bad and MIGHT b attributed to the fact I have purchased a range of vitamins from the "fatigued to fantastic" range - expensive but not so when you realise just he many vitamins are put into it!

If u pt fatigue to fantastic in browser should come up


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