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left my brain on the kitchen sink lol

was just about to write a blog about something and kept pressinbg the wrong button. took quite a while to get here, then forgot wjat i wanted to say.

then a thought came into my head from years ago when my children were little,

they used to call me siv brian, because i always forgot things even there names lol.

but then i got to thinking if i have had this fibro from a very young age ?????? but did not realise.

Anyway i digress when i remember whta i was going to say i will be back. lol

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My brain is like a swiss cheese - full of holes. Do you remember Quantum Leap? The main character Sam Beckett (the gorgeous Scott Bakula) said he had a swiss cheese brain because he was quantum leaping. Nothing so glam for me - just going ditzy I guess.

Julie xx


ooh i used to watch him sooo sexy my kind of man


Spent most of last yr on my back. Quantum leap kept me going :)

Thanks for the memory!

:) NN


do you walk into a room then forget what you wanted lol sounds like you got the fog brain that we fellow suffers from what with aches pains mood swings sweats memory problems pins and needles you name it we got it ha ha we so lucky lol


if you dont laugh sometimes what you going to do. I constantly forget my purse when i go out with hubby mmmmm is that foggy brain thing ( forgot what is was then) brain fog lol lol lol


i decided to really push the boat out and sort out my cup cupboard in the kitchen, well i did but then couldn't find my half drunk cup of coffee or remember which cup i'd used . Yes it was in the cupboard with the others oh dear serves me right i shouldn't try and put so much excitement into my day ha ha


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