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aching , and the charming Mr Grey

ache like bloody mad all of my body , sooo frustrating even the MST (mortphine not working today , thank god for the enjoyment of reading when you can't do anything else, the book i am reading at the moment is fifty shades of grey (EL JAMES) THERE IS TO OTHER BOOKS AFTER THIS ONE 2nd is fifty shades darker and book 3 is fifty shades freed, for those with low labil in the bedroom i recommend highly does absolute wonders for your sex drive i not intending to upsed or be rude just notice some people was asking same questions i wanted answering , you will not be disapointed ladies and maybe some gentle men too . you will not want to put down i promise x hope you all have a good day as well as can be xx please keep me update if you bought the books i recommended xx be happy xx teresa xx

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Ive just finished all 3 books, does wonders for the libido, we had quite a laugh on facebook last night, when I revealed what I was going to do to hubby


lol . it really does help though i am 3/4 way through 1st and my my i dont want to put the book down x


Im so sorry there are only 3


Every body is buying it I am loving book one half way through.

Soft hugs xxx



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