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Aching all over

I haven't been on here for a while but I just need some support today from people who can relate to how I feel. Woke up at 5 am aching all over, splitting headache and I just feel rubbish! So sick of this pain now I could just curl up in a ball and die. Suppose to be going to a new pain management consultant tomorrow, just hope I can get there as it means a 1 hour drive and theres no one available to drive me!!. Sorry for griping but I just feel so low today. Thanks for listening xx

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Morning :-)

Sorry to hear you're feeling just like I am at the moment :-(

I hope you feel better soon and manage to get to your apt tomorrow :-)

I'm going to buy a "mattress topper " today if I can get someone to drive me to the supermarket - another sufferer told me to lay on a very soft topper or an extra quilt when your muscles ache unbearably :-(

Don't use it all the time though as it's not good for your posture, apparently :-(

I'm willing to try anything - like you, I'm in agony today :-(

Try to stay positive - I'm thinking of you :-)

Regards and get well wishes ;-)


Bearers I have a wonderful memory foam topper which I. Can highly recommend, it is delivered to your door, flat and ready to use. If you are interested if you pm me I will give you details :-)

Foggy x


Hi so sorry you are in so much pain. I really hope that you manage to get the pain clinic that you get some advise to help you. I know how difficult it is, I top up with morphine like many other people, maybe this is something you could try to talk to the consultant about if you are not already taking. I understand what its like to just want to curl up in bed and I know that good days are few, but try to thing of it as really bad at the moment with some better days to come.! Try to be positive, thinking of you with get well soon wishes. x


Hi chrianne,

I'm so sorry you've woken up feeling so rubbish. Unfortunately I know the feeling well, but you are the one suffering at the moment, so I am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way. If curling up in bed all day helps then that is exactly what I would do, give your body the best chance possible to mend just a bit. I was just wondering whether you could access a hospital car to take you to your appointment tomorrow, if you ring the hospital and ask, they normally have people who provide this service, at least that would take the pressure off you of having to drive for so long.

I really hope this eases soon and sending get well wishes too :-)

Foggy x


Hyia, I found this group so helpful and I hope you will too. I find it really difficult to explain to people just how I feel and how this varies from moment to moment and day to day so what I found really useful is having a plain body map front and back and writing on it the score out of 10 in relation to the pain and where it is etc. I then took this to all my appointments so I wouldn't have to keep repeating myself all the time, 1- because its exhausting and 2- because my memory has got really bad since I've had Fibro. The body map gets filled in every day you feel rubbish and write on the back of the a4 paper what and how you feel. I found it useful to help my family understand what they can't visibly see.

Ihope you feelinng up

to go to your appointment.i would drag myself there if there was any way of doing that. You might not get an appointment for ages and if they can help then its worth the drive.

I know just how hard it into drag myself out of bed every morning especially when I have to do the school run etc. when you just want to stay curled up. It's about learning your limits and I do curl up myself on many occasions. It's easier if you don't have kids but because I do I tend to end up feeling guilty. ATM I'm not working and I found it helpful being able to rest surfing the day when the kids are at school. I do want to go back to work but I'm really scared because I don't know how I will cope with getting up etc. my brain tells me what I want and want I need but my body says No. It's very frustrating.

I've got a memory foam mattress bought recently and it really dose help with the pain and I would recommend it. Sign up to groupon and look out for special offers on truesleep blue mattered of toppers. I bought mine reduced from £999 to £200 free delivery and the only reason mine was £200 is because it was a super kingsize. I was very sceptical and buying something like that over the Internet without trying it first but my husband and I took a gamble and it really paid off.

Gentle hugs sent and good luck tomorrow. X x x x


Oh dear, I do hope you are feeling a bit better now, I find when I wake feeling xxxx!! soaking in a EPSOM SALTS hot bath sometimes helps with the pain, there is magnesium in the salts which is supposed to relax the muscles, worth a try -:)


Hi there sorry to hear you are in so much pain, have you tried taking magnesium tablets at night and black garlic tablets they really do help....I bought myself tempur memory foam mattress about 9 yrs ago, and it's still working well it's so comfortable I also have a bed that I can raise the top or bottom this helps especially when you wake up so stiff and can barely move, I know I also have spondylosis of the cervix and lumber spine and that can Make the stiffness worse but even if I didn't have that I do believe it would help the fibro, and I have a lot of good things about the memory foam topper, i feel you would really benefit from one or the other , sending gentle hugs to you...Dee xx


Thanks for all your lovely messages. I have taken it very easy all day and I am feeling a bit better. Just hope I am ok tomorrow. A few of you mentioned memory foam,I have a memory foam topper but maybe I should get a mattress. I have an Ikea bed though, I don't think it is a standard size as the topper is a bit small. Will definately try some magnesium.tablets, my painkillers aren't working too good. I'm on tramadol and acupan, plus muscle relaxants. I was on. morphine patches but I was taken off them. They weren't working but they were very low dose. My doc thinks I should try to cope with the pain.


Hi there,just wanted to say that I hope you can get to your appointment today and you get some treatment that helps with your pain :)


Thank you so much haribo36, I'm up and moving about so that's an improvement on yesterday, lol. I really HAVE to get there as I need to get my pain sorted. Unfortunately my husband can't get time off work so I will need to drive myself, which won't help my back, but hey ho, it needs to be done :)


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