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Mr Fibro

Mr Fibro

Deep in the shadows you hide

the smile on your face is snide

affecting all of my bones

delighting in my piteous groans

someday days i cannot see

and do not recognise me

my muscles hurt like hell

but no one in benefits can tell

they ignore the tear in my eye

telling my how well I lie

we both know you are there

this knowledge we share

But what you dont know

and my face doesnt show

Is that I overcome and survive

and will stay happy and alive

throw at me what you will

swallowing each and every pill

all the set backs they send

wont change my goal at the end

I will be victorious and smile

even tho it may take a while



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Very good

You should try writing a book



i have four chapters of kiddy book done and 250 poems in stock but dont think they are good enuff for publishing lol i just writeto kep me sane. petal


How do,you know if you don't try, look at all

The new writers that are now on amazon since the

Kindle has come out.

Try amazon give it try


Hi fadedblossom. I think the above is great and if the other 250 are like that i agree you should get them into print. What age is the kiddies book for. Well done. soft hugs xx


hi scrummie underseven years I think it has individual storiesin each chapterabout aland where animals live underthe guideinceod a sliverback. and each story has a moral in it re talking to strangers stealing false accusations etc. I leftschool at fourteen and my grammer and punctuation is non existant . i also write articles on copingwith depression abuse and other short atories i just write to keep me sane. If given a subject I can produce a story or poem within an hour I am told that i am different it worries me roflmao petal


my space bar needs a service


WOW you should definetly find a publisher it sounds as though you have a real talent. The kiddies books sound brill. I have 2 grandaughters 18mths & 8mths. I would buy a book like that. Never mind if you are told your different if it keeps you going and you enjoy it carry on. soft hugs xx


Lol I will consult with the voices in my head


hi fadedblossom thats fantastic!! very well put x


Beautifully written and oh so true.....well done to you! :)


Very good and agree with others you should get published hugs sue x


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