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I went to London yesterday with mysister for her to pick up her new machine for her salon it was 3 hour drive there hour and half training etc and then 3 hour drive back iwas a passenger but omg when i got home my body was shot to bits and last night it got worse and today well what can i say can anything else ache lol i have got to go to my daughters today which is 30 min drive but i will go jus get the old meds down me but apart from the aches my sister and i had a lovely day we enjoyed it hada laugh my mum made us a packed lunch lol which was sweet and i got a certificate in the lipsuction machine lol so felt like a school girl lol but we chatted all the way there and back as sisters do putting the world to rights my partner was texting me few times as he knew i would be suffereing bless him so that was sweet as i i aint been sure about our relationship last few weeks then he does things like that and you think bless lol i dont know i just wish i could do things that are jus normal without suffereing but it is how it is and cant change it anyway thats why iwas not on here yesterday as i didnyt have time in morning and was relaxing before i went i got home and well did nothing so hope yuall ok love diddle x

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sounds like a lovely day diddle ,i can imagine what you felt like though ,ouch !!

hugs xxxx


Know where you're at diddle, I get so many chances to do things that should be really enjoyable and sometimes I say yes but I always suffer!

Was beginning to feel myself yesterday then was persuaded into a late night chat and will need a very early night now!

Whippet x


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