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answer to d[:))]la

hi i have a tribunal with dla in September i have community law behind me and they will send forms in. i am worried about answing questions on explaining how my illness effects me day to day i am not very good at this and would be grateful for any help. i have fibro and hypo mobility, inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis. also stage 3 kidney disease,also asthma,high cholesterol, depression.

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for a start read the can you open a tin of beans story it will bring it all home to you . by the time sept comes you will have read some blogs and answers on here to help you put into words how you are affected. its just a new policy by this govt to refuse everyone if poss so they can weed out fraud claims trouble is the folk who are really ill are the ones taking the flack. i am sure your medical records etc will win over the tribunal they are jsut making it diff trying to scare the others off make sure the back date your claim to when you first applied when you win. please think when and not if butterfly hugz petal


There are two very good forums you can join which will help you Rosylyn. One is and the other is

The best basic advise is to get supporting letters from your GP and Consultants to send with your form. If you have hospital/OT appointment letters, send them too. Photocopy EVERYTHING and keep the originals (apart from the actual form itself, send the original of that and keep the copy). Post it by Recorded Delivery.

You can fill in the form on-line, save it, and then print it out Doing it this way means that you can keep going back to it and change what you write. Start filling it in now, to give yourself plenty of time.

Lots of luck. I know how stressful it all is.


morning all not had a good night sleep hips are very painful. i wrote to my local mp who is fighting for us in parliament i have asked for a home visit which will be good also sent him more info on fibromalgia. i have sent dla medical records ,x-rays , also support letter from my group. had dla doctor came out to Examine me as he was pulling my arms my legs also putting pressure on tender points ect.


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