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Answer from DLA!!

Just received my brown enevelope from DLA wow I got given low care part. Nothing else they state that I can walk 100 meters, wash and dress myself etc - can't cook a meal but do everyting else wish that was the case. The dr who visited must have been blind or something and he didn't even ask about walking. I am going to appeal and I know that I will need strenght to do this any hints how to cope with all this?

Just want to curl up into a ball and disappear when I wake all the pain will be gone I hope - thats all I have now is hope!

Also has anyone been taken off meds for high blood pressure as my GP has told me to stop taking painkillers as it could be the cause of high blood pressure surely all that studing at medical school should help! Need to change GP.

Sorry for the rant but sometimes all I want to do is scream!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi as I answered on a question not long ago dla just don't want to give out anything .... They ignore my fibro, ibs and only give me lower rate care cos I can't cook cos of the arthritis in my hands .. My two sticks , rails to get out the house mobility scooter aids around the house and my arthritis in knees and hands don't count either apparently... I look on this forum and see so many who don't even get any dla that I take my lower rate thankfully, knowing my luck if I appealed they would take it all off me as I had the energy to complain

Good luck

VG x


The only advice I can give, as this is what let me down is, 1, Answer the questions how you feel on the worst day you have had, 2, never put what you can do, Like, I can peel a potato but my hands cramp, reword it to, I can NOT peel a potato as my hands cramp. As soon as they see " I can" you fail. 3, Tell them every little detail you can think of, no matter how silly it sounds, its more weight on your side. The person that is going to read it does not know you, or your illness, or how it affects you. Imagine that they are sitting down with you and tell them how it affects you, Point out major things. 5, seek help, someone like DIAL, Welfare rights, I would say Citizens advice but they dont normally go with you. Dont tell them the aids you use. 4, Just be honest. Good luck, we all deserve it, dont give up. xxx gentle hugs xx


ask admin for the benefits and work info and go through each point refuting them.

fill in the health conditions page copy it and give 1 to your gp and 1 to your consultant, ask first if they will write you a letter of support. Ask them to send the letter for you for your appeal pack. [copy them]

join vasculitis uk and click on the "route map to vasculitis" and there you can look up your meds and their side effects. there are some reputable sites for fibro on google, print the relevant parts and put them in your appeal pack. keep a copy of everything.

good luck.



Sorry you given lower rate which is rubbish because if cooking is a lower rate then how do you care for your self?? do you not need the same hands to wash and dress etc with , do your legs take you up your stairs and (a challenge as it is) so on worst days god help us !!

like VG says and many others its about your 'worst days' and mine are i am cared for in full mode (cannot think of another word...fog & zzz) i have to be watched going to the loo as i have no strength at all and lay in bed and yeet friends etc have a laugh and joke saying 'ohhh you having a lazy day in bed' !!! not the case but in a way i wish it was!!

I cannot even make a cuppa or barely brush my teeth (so keep the fur) lol not funny i know but its true sstuff :-( .. i am lucky for the family because if not for them then what else would i do. The surgery must be 100 yards from my house and what do i doooo use my car! and thats on decent days! !!!! get a spot for parking if possible. so park at side of Dr's and walk slowly in. i trip up the stairs coming out.

all i say is why not re try and say NOPE lower care is not enough as i struggle more than this but yes it helps with Dr back up!

But pleased at the same time you got something out of DLA instead of a Negative!



I Love to all It has happened to me .excuse me while I go and lie down.Then the panic takes over my husband does jus about evey thing for me clothes and heaps of things in my bedroom neither have energy to clear it, family dont want to now we dont tell them how bad it is anyway they live a long way away We are not alone xxx


When I first got DLA I was on high rate for both, despite the fact that nothing had changed I was reduced to low rate care and high rate mobility and had to fight for that. I know I need more support than this but too tired to fight and too scared they'll take away what I have left if I do.

Because of all the stress, uncertainty appeals etc, I don't handle paperwork very well any more, so it was only recently that I fully read the DLA letter, apparently I'm not at risk from falls - does that mean all the injuries I've sustained from falling over the years are just a figment of my imagination...?

Now I have to start all over again with my conversion to ESA, where I'm going to find the energy for that, I have no idea :(


I too had the same decision after a home visit my dr also said I could walk 100 mtrs how on earth can they judge that when you are on familiar ground and indoors. It is supposed be walking outdoors My dr was also blind in a sense they must have trained them in the same college or by the same heron for the DWP. I asked for a reconsideration but they cam back with the same answer so now it is appeal time I will not give up they have no idea what we go through day to day let them put themselves in our bodies for a day then they will see what it is really like .

Good luck with your appeal and I hope we can both win this .

Scream as much as you like I do and it sometimes relief's the tension from all this .

gentle hugs



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