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my answer to FAQ

I know i do not post often, I was in flare but I am starting to believe that my current level of immobility, pain and fatigue is the new normal so it is time to try and resuscitate my life and get on with it.

i do however read the digests that are emailed to my phone and i am noticing a pattern in the questions and blogs. it seems many of us Fibromites are settling for inadequate care from our GPs. I do not class myself in this as i ma lucky my GP is AWESOME. However I would like to recommend a few things to people.

1. If you do not feel like your GP is listening, cares, or knowledgeable about your conditions FIND ANOTHER ONE. Ask around locally and if you cannot find a recommendation for a good FM gp find one whose patients are generally happy with their treatment chances are if that GP doesn't know they will learn

you relationship with you GP is vital.. the single most important medical relationship you will have.

2. Know your rights, the best way to learn is the NHS Expert Patient Programme, it teaches you what you are entitled to within the NHS . ~It is not about becoming an expert in your conditions but about becoming expert in getting good treatment.

In brief

you can change GP

you can request referrals to specialists

you can request a specific specialist.

3. Learn as much as you can about your condition.... research and read read read.

4. be gentle with yourself



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I totally agree but I am in a quandary I have a new gp my old one retired... Out of all the gps at my surgery one has the patients with fibro...I saw him he reduced me to tears so I wrote him a personal letter he phoned me up when he got it we had a chat ... Now I have to go back today as my flare up of ibs is not settling.... I am soooo nervous .. I have seen other drs in the practice and although sympathetic haven't really been much use ...I thought of moving to a new surgery but it's further away .. I don't drive and don't know anything about the gps there would it be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire ... Really unsure .... Guess I will know more after this visit to gp in an hour....

Thanks for posting

VG x


Hope your appointment went ok and you are happier now. I am in the same situation as my doctor who understood me has just retired.


Do you know anyone locally with fibro you could ask for recommendations.

If possible take someone with you.

Good luck



hi VG is there anyone you can take with you ? you can always ask for a staff member to see Dr with you if not, i am sending you warm reassuring hugs xx


I am lucky as I do have a very understanding GP and he is well up on Fibro. I know I moan on about himnot givingme anything for the pain but he does it for good reason, it would make other problems I have much worse. SO now I just grinand bear it as much as I can and when I cannot I come here and moan a bit, or a lot. But your tips are great, especially for those newly diagnosed xxxxx


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