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just a quick thankyou for all you help and advice on a blog i put on yesterday about relationship , i have got to make my own desicion i was just hinking allowed as you o but I do know for sure 100% that if a call was made for my partner to do someones car in the next few days he would def take the job on and move all the cars he has around , but i know he feels guilty about my car being done and where i ook it is the mot station he uses all the time and they know it is my car so i think he feels really bad as they will prob say to him how come you idnt do her car ???

but there you go y parents are not impressed at all as theyy tooknow if my sister or bro in law called him today their car would be done mon my dad finds that hard like he says i have done and always will do everything for your mum and you and she has always come first , and the thing is he normally does my car on a weekend anyway when he not got other jobs on anyway the jury is out at min i will work out what i want we are more like borther and sister though

alot of you asked why i do not want to live with him well i told him from the start i would never re marry or get engaged or live with him ever and he was and still is happy with that i will not allow a man to live in my home again so he knew from the start what i was like and to be fair he does not want to live here either so works for us

anyway thankyou all for you responses you are all very kind nice to know you can come on here and let it all pour out and get everyones views but the ultimate desicion is always oursat the end of the day there are also few other issues that i wont go into but with them all together in the pot it not ading up right at the min but we will see

love Diddle x

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Hey diddle, gentle hugs.

Best wishes for whatever decision you finally come to sweetie.


Carol xx


you no a good friend is so worth having xxxx


Hi Diddle, your welcome hunni. We are all here for you. Hugs & love to you. Helen xxx


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