Tomorrow I and my husband are going down to London for my Son's birthday and will stay until Monday then my Husband will take me to Heathrow to Terminal 5 where I am flying to Philladelphia to stay with my Sister an go to my Nephews Graduation, I am so looking forward to the visit but not the journey and I have yet to pack!!!!

Better take a variety of clothes and all my meds !!

Love to all.

Soft hugs x x x x x x

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  • Thankyou Rosehip I intend to ! x x x

  • Hi Soulsusie,

    Hope you enjoy yourself and it's not too sore on your fibro, take care xxxxx

  • Thankyou Clairebm,

    I am going for a nice bath shortly, I have so much to do but I will not and am not stressing, as long as I have my meds and enough of them I will be ok, clothes come second!!! My GP has given me some diazapam for the journey she is brill and I have my cushions etc, just need to make sure I get an aisle seat! xxxx

  • Merci Beacoup, Chris.

    I have been to see Dad today 180 mile round trip so I am revving up!!! not packed yet but I am not bothered about such mundane things!!!

    Hope I get some decent weather!!!

    Love Sue x x x x

  • Enjoy your trip hun. I hope its a good one. :) hugs, kel xxxx

  • Thanks Kel, I'lll miss you guys, but I am sure you will all be here when I am back and bouncinf off the walls!!!!

    Soft Hugs.

    Sue x x x x

  • hi soulsusie have a great time x

  • Thankyou demelza,

    I intend to!!! x x x xx

  • Have a great time and Bring us some sun home with you. xx

  • Scrummie, I will really try and harness the sun for you all, what more can I say !!!! xxxx

  • enjoy your trip. have a great time!

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