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What in hades is happening to me?

I'm 39, have always been active, and have NEVER been sick. Then a year ago I hit a wall from out of no where and my doctors and rheumy are not really giving me answers. I've had a high Ana 6 times but nothing specific shows. They say o have type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, and unknown autoimmune. I take all the sanf pills they prescribe. Having never had to take a pill up to this point is beuns frustrating. The pain has subsided some but the exhaustion. If I stay home and do a little here and there, I feel great. I just returned to work full time and it is literally killing me. I don't know how NOT to have a job and I have 3 kids and a disabled husband to support. I'm at my wits end. Being a state employee they seem to try to fight the fmla that I am entitled too but I just want to work. Any ideas on why I am so exhausted? If I work all week in my sitting down job, I end up sleeping literally all weekend. I can't do this long term. Please any advice would be appreciated. Sincerely. Sway

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So sorry to hear what you are going through at the moment. It does sound as though you need more help. Have you asked for your B12 to be tested? If you have autoimmune issues, this may be a factor. MariLiz

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. As I am not a doctor I cannot say what is happening for you but I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I like you struggled with full time work and worked for local gov in a sat down post. always tired and moody but I managed to get my hours cut to 22 hours wk from 37. I worried at first that we wouldnt manage financially but taking into account the cost of travel and paying less deductions on less money it was not a lot less income and helped with life work balance. Unfortunately I am no longer able to work due to my health as I am in constant pain and always fatigued and I would go back tomorrow if I felt I could. Good luck. Joolz.x


Have they tested you for vitamin D and B12 deficiencies? I am quite tired most of time. But generally, if I suffer from severe fatigue it is because I have deficiency of one of these vitamins. good luck!


Have you had thyroid tests and also calcium and parathyroid tests ?


Hi my fibro diagnosis is under dispute cause they have now (properly) diagnosed something else because of my ana' s I'm not a Dr. But my other illness also involves aches painful joints & horrendous fatigue amongst other things that are happening as time goes on. Can you ask for a second opinion from someone perhaps. It was the anas mentioned & immune in your post that made me reply.


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