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Feeling really low

I have been away for a wee while, My Fibro has flared up and my depression has reared its head again, I cant leave the house anymore, and I sleep all the time, I feel that the whole world is sitting on me at present and I have no one to talk to. sorry for being so glum but I seem to feel better when I manage to write one of these blogs. I have fallen again a few times I cant really put my finger on the reason I seem to have a constant tingle in my legs and my head swims all the time, I havent been this confused in years. sorry for the downer folks but I just want someone to know.

love and hugs to you all Hope to be up again soon

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Hello Brian64,

Have you asked your GP for Amytriptyline? Not only does it help with sleepless night but also with depression.

I'm now taking 3 every evening and sleep like a baby. I also have a rather strained relationship where my partner of 20 years continues to wind me up =- but now I don't take his comment to heart so we are a lot happier.

Insist that they do something to help you - there are many meds to try., you shouldn't have to suffer....

Come on - give us a smile - you'll feel so much

Soft hugs

Ren Robin


Hello brian,

I hope you feel better for letting it all out.

I am sorry you are not coping very well, I fall too as i used to walk to fast so it was like my body and legs telling me i need to slow down.

We are all here for you when you need us, so keep on here and write as many blogs as you need to if it helps. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


Sorry you are feeling low it really isn't nice, i'm feeling like that just now have been for a few weeks now

Everyone on here is so helpful and it does help to get things out.

hope you feel better sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon



Bonnie lass


hiya brian 64-i'm so sorry to hear your not feeling too good at the moment, theres alway someone to talk to on here though, depression is such an awful condition to have especially on top of everything else, i hope you feel better soon-take care love julie51 :) x


Hi Brian, I'm sorry you are feeling so bad at the moment and please believe me, I've been there and not so long ago. I know when I feel like that I get into the cycle of 'I've always felt like this, never felt good and I'm always gonna feel like this and nobody else knows or understands how bad I feel'. Let me stop assuming which I'm to prone to. I don't know if that's how you feel, but it's certainly how it goes like that for me. I sometimes have to get proactive with all that psychotherapy stuff which I'm not fond of, but does help me. I force myself to start the day by thinking or even writing down if I can do it, of a time when I was happy - believe me somtimes I have to go back years at first to think of somthing then it gets easier and I get to where I can think of five minutes last wek when I was happy.

The other thing is getting to see your GP asap and the same with any specialist you see for fibro or depression. I have psychiatrist but haven't yet got a fibro specialist. Am having to really push my GP to get various referrals. I feel like a nuisance but remind myself that up until 5 or 6 years ago, I worked hard and gave a lot in the work that I did not to mention paying for my share of health services at a higher rate than a lot of people. I'm really pleased because I'm getting a brain scan which I know they are looking for something particular but I also know that in the same area of the brain they will be looking at, they have recently found that we with fibro have brains that look different in thos areas so am hoping they 'accidentally' find that too.

I can't help with the falling over at all because I've never had that experience sober though there has been far too much of falling over etc because I've been drunk or otherwise off of my face but that's a long story. My only sober experince is when I am in the supermarket and manage to get down low to look at something on the bottom shlf, somtimes my balance gos then and I fall right over. I could only giggle with embarassment and ofcourse I assumed they thought I was drunk but I do think you need to have this medically assessed as soon as possible before you hurt yourself in a fall.

Get annoying and demand your rights if that's what it takes.

If you find it easier on a one to one, send me a pm. I speak to a few menbers this way and it's amazing how much we both get out of it some times. And what gets shared with the whippet stays with the whippet!

I even have a couple of fibro pals I skype these days too.

Take care Brian. I keep odd hours and can be around when you don't expect any one to be!

Take care Brian.

Whippet x


Hi Whippet I also used the bottle to try and take the pain away my friend take from me it will not help! it takes you down a road no one should ever have to walk I was lucky I had support from my family who where understanding I am now over twenty five years without a drink, the pain is still there but the inner pain will go slowly at first then one day you will find your crutch mine was music it takes me to a good place, all you have to do is take one step in the right direction, we all have it in us, we all have a battle to fight ours is a little harder what with fibro on top of everything and yes we lose the odd battle but Whippet we all have the strength in us comming on here is a victory in itself.

your friend



hello brian

I feel you inability to relate. I yoo sit in my flat in one room with the curtains closed and dont even eat if i can help it I get too depressed to get dressedget out of bed and refuse to answer phones. I tell my self tomorrow will be better and it never is. you have to be brave and get someone to call around and force you to go outside each step out of the door is a victory even if itsonly one dont try to to understand why you are like this as it enhances the depression promise yourself it will get better. lonliness can be a killer in its own right please writeto me any time you need to I have linked with a few folks on fb where my page is a laugh amiute itshow i keep sane. can be found under faded blossom. butterfly hugz petal


you need help Brian. I hope you can ask for chemical help and maybe a referral to your local mental health unit for an assessment and hopefully some assistance. take one day at a time, one hour at a time. set yourself small targets each day. read to take your mind off things. talk to someone, anyone, even if it's the Samaritans.

hugs x


To all my friends here thank you all for your kind words I have tried chemical remedies and talking to people some help me some don't sorry to sound so melodramatic, I can understand my problems but they just sneak up on me now and then I am 49 and have been clinically depressed since I was 14 or 15 I found that music was my savior i listen to all from Bach to Led Zepplin. now have you my friends have read your messages and they have helped so much know that owe so much to so many people and most of my friends stay away as I am a bit weird (their words not mine ) this is the first place have been that no one has any preconceptions of me and for that thank you all you all have made a friend if you need me to talk to I am yours anytime.



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