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Feeling low tonight

Hello, I feel like a good mone. I have fibromyalgia, hyper obi

It's and osteoarthritis. Things seem to be getting worse for me. I have constant cramps all over mainly on a night but during the day as well. I try to go out for a walk but it makes me worse and the more I go out y movement get more restricted.

I'm alway in pain with my hip and back, I'm running to the loo at lot. I'm living on 200 a mounth pip because my doctor thinks I can work, but Iv tried no employer understands you illness.

I feel like a lech of my family, I'm trying to make money on ebay but it can be hard as staying on computer hurts my back.

I'm 30 never had kids, wanted them so bad and relies now I never will have them. In so much pain tonight so up overthinking about things.

I do belive in trying to be positive but it's getting harder. I'm overweight but seem to be losing weight latly don't know how.

I feel the world is against me because I'm fat, it's all you hear on TV so I try not to watch to much TV. I feel I have no future and am scared by what the future might hold.

So sorry about the moan, I think I just needed to get it all out.

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Hi I think you have depression and very low at this point . And i do think you need to change your GP that is what i had to do as every time it was a virus , What about taking someone with you who will speake up for you .Or get some booklets high light the sympoms and take it with you hand it to them and say this is me and my life .or keep note over a month and say this is a true acount of my day to day life .and ask for a second apinion As for haveing a family you still have lots of time but get the other things sorted first .Good luck xxx

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Hi, thank you for your reply. I was feeling low last night. I'm going to the doctors on Tuesday, I'm going to let him know how I feel. If he dosnt help I will think about changing doctors.

Many thanks

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I agree with fibro 10, I think it is vital for you to find a new GP, it is easy to do, go to a surgery of your choice and ask which GPs are taking on patients, you don't have to explain your reason to anyone. You do seem very down on yourself, you mention being overweight but seem to be losing weight for no reason, this needs to be addressed to rule out underlying cause. Please stay with this forum everyone is so understanding and supportive. I do hope you feel better about things soon. Lou xx


So sorry Pepsirat to read how low you are . Unfortunately, persistant pain can do that to you and with your added money worries as well it is enough to get anyone down.

I can understand it is difficult for you sitting at a computer so I really admire you trying to make money on Ebay.

If it is difficult for you to exercise that would contribute to your weight problems but if you are suddenly losing alot of weight and running to the loo all the time there could be some underlying problem there so I am glad that you are going to see the doctor on Tuesday. Write yourself out a list of things that are worrying you so you won;t forget to tell them things.

Please let us know how you get on.x

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Hi pepsirat

I am so sorry to read how low and down you are feeling and I would discuss this with your GP, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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