Feeling Low

Well i am off to see my occupational therapist at the hospital today. I have been feeling quite down for a couple of weeks now and having a lot of pain. Takes ages for my hand to be able to work and the pain is bad although the splints do help a bit during the day.

I am feeling that everyone is sick of me telling them when other things are diagnosed so i have taken the decision not to tell anyone at all when i am down or having been prescribed with other things.

I can partly understand how they must feel. My next door neighbour is fantastic and helps me so much so obviously i will keep her updated. she does a lot for me, also her husband does.

I have received my appointment for my second cataract whish if 4th July under general anaestetic.

I seem to be still putting weight on as i have gone from 8 stone eight to 9 stone two and i am really annoyed with that. I cannot even exercise as i used to do.

sorry rant over


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  • Good luck with your appointment today and with your op in July, I can understand how frustrated you feel over not being able to exercise properly and watching the weight creep on .. I am off to my GP this afternoon to moan at him as I am having the same problem ,, I am finding my mobilty is getting less so the weight is creeping on no matter how healthily I eat if I don't move I am going to get fatter and I am ... And with arthritis as well I really don't want to keep gaining as its going to be worse for my joints.. But this last year I have gone from a size 10 to a 14.. :(


  • thanks for that but the weight is really annoying - i have arthritis as well so i find i cannot exercise. hope you get on well at the doctors and let me know the outcome - you never know he may be able to give you something to help and if thats the case i would definately go to my doctor .

    good luck VG


  • Sorry its official I am allergic to every painkiller except paracetamol and they are no use I just take them for headaches.. In desperation my GP is now trying the natural route and given me arnica gel.... I will try anything once and more if it works :)

  • I am so sorry for the unwanted weight gain. I know what you are going through. After my husband passed away 3 years ago - the depression and Fibromyalgia pain spiraled out of control. My doctor added another drug to my antidepressant (which did help) but boy my weight shot up - I went from a 14 to a 24 in less than a year. I asked my Dr if that new medication could have anything to do with it and he said no. I had to switch Drs due to insurance change, and the new Dr said, there is a pound in every pill. We exchanged that med for another one and I have already lost 37 lbs with no increase in activity. I have cut out sweets, but that is all. The new med. doesn't help with the depression as well as the other one, but the huge weight gain was more depressing. I truly hope you find the reason for your weight gain and fix it. My heart goes out to you. :-)

  • thank you for your reply

  • Same problem here too. And I can't seem to stop it happening.



  • I am the same the weight goes up as I am so immobile the doctor says it is the pills and being sedentary which helps not at all I try to exercise and get out side the more I do........... no change (But hey I love cake) :) xgins

  • thank you so much to all of you for your replies and its good to know i am not alone with my

    weight gain issue

    belinda x

  • Hi there,I too have also put on weight since I started taking dosulepin 8 years ago and pregabalin as well.The only thing that has helped for me is going to slimming world as its not really like a diet it's actually healthy eating for life and it works.So far I've lost a stone and gone from a 14 to a 12.Iam going to keep going even though sometimes I fall back into old habits and eat loads of chocolate as that is what I crave.Iam determined that I will get back to a size 10 as I was 8 years ago x

  • And forgot to say that Iam determined to get some control back over my eating even though the dreaded fibro keeps trying to take it back from me alongside control over every other thing in my life x

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