Very low at mo

Hi everyone, not been on much, Ive got to the stage where im feeling a little hopeless again. I cant seem to shrug off the way I feel, my 16 year old daughter keeps telling me not to be so moody and my boyfriend doesnt seem to know what to say to me, I am utterly depressed, Im not suicidal just cant seem to smile or feel happy. A low mood that is lingering, been like this about 3 weeks now. Aches and pains arent as bad apart from alot of numbness in my hands and my neck is very stiff, good job we got this site, because at least someone listens and understands hey. Got 1st counselling session next week, it will be my third in 5 years, I think it depends who they are, hopefully this one will be good and I will be able to open up, hope is all I have at the moment, Take Care x x

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  • Hi there,just wanted to give you a hug,I'm pretty much where you are although mine is more anxiety,unfortunately it is part of this rotten illness. I had my amitrtiptiline dose put up and that seems to be helping has taken about a week and a half to see a difference.Thats great your counselling starts soon I think that will help just depends if you click with the counsellor. Keep going Hun we are all in this

  • Hi hunni please don't be so hard on yourself. I have been where you have not so long ago. It's like a black hole. Mood swings are what FMS is about another syndrome to add to the many. I was really ill and critical 3 weeks ago. This lady said to me stand outside in the fresh air and take some deep breaths. She said try not to think of anything just feel the cold air on your face. I thought yeah ok. I can honestly say its the best bit of advice she gave me. I spent quite a few times in and out of the back door. It actually made me smile. I am not saying it will work for you. But anything is worth a go. Hope your counselling goes well. Chin up Hun and breath the fresh air in . Hugs for you xx

  • Sending you hugs and healing thoughts too. This time of the year is much worse for us sufferers. Hope you get something out of the counselling, it depends on who you speak to, some are good whilst others not so good.x

  • good luck with your counselling. am still waiting for mine nearly 10 months on from initial assessment! there's no rhyme or reason as to why we feel as we do - sometimes it's a rebound from feeling so crappy. other times, it's almost surprise at having a moderately good phase lol. I kept saying I wasn't used to feeling happy because things had been really bad for so long. Even so, given what we go through on a daily basis, it's no wonder we get agitated, depressed, angry and totally-fatigued, often all in the same day and no wonder when you consider that we multiply that "day" by hundreds, then thousands, as the number of days with Fibro racks up in our lives.

    hope you feel a bit better soon. keep us updated.

  • Hi just wanted to send you a comforting hug. As others have said we can all really empathise with your feelings. I go through swings and roundabouts; sometimes depression and dispair other times anxiety and angst. Anyway hope your mood lifts soon and you get some support via the counselling. Hang in there xx

    Dixie x

  • I think we have all been where you are now and it is never a good place to be. On top of that for me I am going through the dreaded change. It takes all my time to try and shrug off the mood swings that brings. Keep your chin up hun we are all here for you xxxxx

  • Thanks for your kind words, I have also been told I am going through change, having hot flushes bad back pains today, feel down still but got 1st counselling appt and appeal to face next week and I cant settle until I get them done, just adds more stress. Im trying not to be so moody but when you feel this bad and have pain so much, its hard been nearly five years for me now.

  • It is very hard hun and all we can do on here is be here for you. When you are feeling low this is the best tonic you can heave, to know you are not alone in all of this xxxxx

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