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thought things couldnt get any worse and then they did

apart from my side and neck being extremly painful woke up this morn with what i thought was a sore throat but its not but extremly hard to swallow any food this is mind boggling how can my throat feel like it sore but its not think im going to have to go to my docs tomoz not sure if this is connected with my fibromyagia /ME has anyone else experience this feels like im going mad :(

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Hi deeplydippy.

I have had this, i woke up one morning and i couldnt swallow anything (even my own saliva). It was so bad i thought i had tonsilitus but when i went to the docs they said it wasnt and i said well why is my throat so sore and they didnt have a clue, this is before i was dx with fibro and ME. My specialist has said to me that with having ME gives you sore throats.

I hope it clears up soon, hugs, kel xxxx


Hi deeplydippy

ive had soar throat on & of for yrs but when ive saw dr they say they cant c anything wrong & its defo not tonsalitus cus i had them out when i was 10 plz let me no what ur dr says hope ur throat beta very soon Gentle hugs & big :) x Lin x


hia deeply dippy, sorrynot feeling too good.

My Dr's say to me if i have any concerns outside of surgery hours i have to go A&E does not matter really better to feel comfortable knowing not something major. If you feel ok though and can wait until surgery opens then do sox

as thats me all over! I always apologise t them aswell sorry to be a nuisance but just when you never have something and you know you have issues you want to question everything and even if they cannot help too much keeping a diary of everything is a must in my opinion! i started last year and wish i had not since 2010 some months are missing in my head.

I have had swallowing problems to thinking i was going to pop it and had no one wiht me and then i was ok!! well touch wood i have been lol i can choke on my own saliva at times and on a cup of tea.

Never feel a burden as thats what the medical people are there for !!! xxxxx hope you do feel some relief soon xxxx


hiya i do get strange unexslpaned sor throats all the time ,but a couple of yrs ago i had an awful horrible sore throat i couldnt eat properly couldnt swallow or eat ,i went to the out of hours walk in centre they had no clue ,anyway went to my doc on and off for ages and then finally saw a doc who actually read my notes ,

i had suffered from severe acid reflux ,a yr prior ,but i had stopped taking my meds as i thought it had gone ,

anyway she said its your severe acid reflux come back with avengance ,as soon as i took my lansoprasole again the saw throat went with in a week ,

it did come back one time and my doc made the dose higher ,and touch wood i havnt suffered as bad since ,

anyway its worth mentioning it to your doc ,obviously it may not be that ,but still mention it cause not a lot of docs work it out ,like i say i saw about 3 of them before one put 2 and 2 togetther

hugs to you xxxx


Lynz, i wonder if that is why i get them. As i went the immunologist in feb and he said that i neeeded to see my gp to get a camera down as i have heart burn all the time and i have problems swallowing. Well i havent mentioned it as i really dont like the sound of it lol.

It could be due to that so i will mention it hun.

Thanxs lol. hugs, kel xxxx


HI all, I had the same problem of chronic heartburn and acid reflux. Doctor gave me lansoprasole and it is much better, didn't have to have the camera test thank goodness x


thanks for everyone for your concerns been to the docs today its acid reflux given me lansoprasole so hopefully will be better soon x


I have a constant sore throat and breathing is bad when I have this sore throat and doctors dont know why, ill mention if i is possibly with my Fibro on saturday when I see my new specialist :)


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