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the sun is shining and i am in so much pain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the sun is shining and i am in so much pain but i will smile

my back is soooooooo bad but i will smile :)

my neck is in soooooo much pain but i will smile :)

i have to put thouse silly hot and tiet preshor stockings on but i will smile :)

why because if i dont i will cry and if i start i will not stop so i will smile :)

i will smile and be happy as the sun is out and i may feel like i am dying but im NOT ,i may feel like curling up in bed and not getting out .

BUT NO i am alive i can just about put one foot in front of the other and i am not in hospital just seeing my famile for hour at a time so i will smile :)

please try and if you pas on a smile you never no they may pass it on to and for just one day the world may smile :)

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hi sorry you in pain me too but you got sun we got rain and supposed to be all day so you gotta smilev at that bless ya

i am suffering after 5 dayss in london went last sun to fri but were on go so really catching up now but knew it would goibg to help my sister today pick wallpaper and stuff for her beauty room

oh well enjoy your sun you lucky thing love diddle x


Hi kath here's a very big :) 4 u hun & thank u 4 making me smile here's a big :) 4 u 2 chris & 4 every 1 who has an illness x Gentle hugs 2 every 1 :) x


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