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I really don't understand why i am in so much pain


i have xray and nothing is wrong what is this fibro is it phantom pains i realy don't understand how i can be in pain and nothing is wrong, :( a very painful JulieMaria x

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Fms is a condition in its own right ..

I think what they mean by phantom pain is that there is no evidence of dammage such as arthritus bone waistage or ligament damage etc that would need treatment.

however FMS is a painful condition.

I would recomed you check out




I am sure other people will explain it much better but its you who has to find an expination that fits into your thinking

hope it helps

gentle dyslexic hugs

juliemaria in reply to Hidden

hi Lexie, thanks i will check it out, i just am so confused, the drs said i had damaged the sponge around my hip, and the pain is muscular, i am on morphine and codiene and paracetamol and i am still in pain, i feel so depressed feeling pain 24/7 soryy for going on :) xx juliemaria

kim72 in reply to Hidden

Hi lexi, this Fibromyalgia Syndrome is awfull, i get aches and pains all over and have bad shooting pains up through my feet and make it unbearable to walk at times which im getting now, im trying different ways as to cope mentaly and physicaly, i also think that ppl think theres nothing wrong with me most days as i seem fine but there not having to put up with these dreaded aches and pains, i also have other health issues now and i just feel low in myself it seem like one think after another.Its not nice when your muscles hurt for no reason and you dont have to do nothing physical for them to be so sore and painful. I do hope you can find some way to ease your pains.

i was like you in the beginning(13 yrs ago),i was thinking there had HAD to be something that showed up on a x ray,or scan but there wasn't then i had the unfortunate problem that certain doctors think it is all in your head,see if there is a pain clinic in your area with some pain clinic specialist who recognises fobromyalgia(obviously if not there is no point in going),i felt better about my condition after i got a book ,the book is called fibromyalgia and chronic myo-fascial pain ,second edition ,by devin starlanyl and mary ellen copeland( you can get it on amazon) you may feel it is a bit costly but it is a big book with loads of info,( don't try to read it all at once !!) devin has this condition herself which helps,but from my own personal experience it helped me in understanding the condition better when i couldn't make sense of it all and thought the doctor was right it was all in my head ,but now i know it is not all in my head my pain is real,don't be fobbed off either that is phantom pain it isn't and whoever told you that ,obviously know little or nothing about it soft hugs xx

hi thanks very much i will have a look on amazon, your input was very useful x

anytime juliemaria, don't forget don't get the book and try not to make sense of in all in one go,just read a bit at a time so you can digest what is said,,love ej x

Hi Juliemaria,

Having always been told that I am a mystery by the medical profession throughout my life I now have a description to what my illness is - fibromyalgia!

I cried when I discovered that this is what I have as for the first time I can put a name to it and with the help of these amazing people on this site, learnt that I am not alone.

I have had so many investigations, x-rays bone scans etc throughout the years without anything being found ( thank you God ) but it didn't stop me suffering from real pain.

Fybro is a horrible and devastating illness but it is not life threatening although it is life changing.

I cannot do the normal activities which I used to enjoyed doing like pilates, step, treadmill, walking etc, but I am not bed ridden and can carefully do my every day chores and even dance sometimes and do the gardening - as long as I pace myself.

Even the pain killers I take sometimes don't take off the pain, but they help me cope.

Gentle hugs from a fellow sufferer...

Ren Robin...xxx


Hello Juliemaria, it can be so frustrating can't it. We feel this pain and fatigue and yet for all intents and purposes it seems like nothing is wrong with us.

If you take a look at our main site there is a wealth of information, explaining exactly what Fibroymalgia is, how it's diagnosed and treated. If you click on the link below it will take you there, have a good look around as it will answer most of your queries. Of course there is also our forum here, take a look through the Questions, Blogs and Tags for more information, our own experiences and support too.

Take care and I hope you get some answers really soon. If you don't get any joy with your GP, please ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist or Neurologist as this can be most helpful when you are looking for a diagnosis etc. You will see from our main site that there is a tender point test, this is all explained really well there.


I read somewhere (can't remember where - fibro fog!) that fibro is a condition which affects the central nervous system causing widespread muscle pain & fatigue. I think this sums it up perfectly. In America they have done more studies & it shows up clearly on a brain MRI scan the difference between us & "normals"

We have neither the resources, time or money in the NHS to do this here. And as agreed as it is not life threatening we just have to muddle thru best we can!

i sometimes find magnesium helps with pain (and also has a lovely side effect of making me regular). also ginger can ease the pain. i try and alternate natural remedies with traditional medicine.

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