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Hi. I am having an awful time with pain in my pelvic area, hips and down my legs. My legs are hurting the whole way down and feel like there is a very rapid pulse in my left leg (mainly). Its a strange feeling thst I havnt had before. Its sort of crackily. I dont really know how to describe it. Does anybody know what I mean and have you experienced this. Julie

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  • I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the issue. I am not a doctor so I do not know if you have restless leg syndrome, but I have pasted you the NHS Choices cache on the issue:

    NHS Choices - Restless Leg Syndrome


    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck in finding the answers that you are looking for.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I don't get the feeling in my legs but i do get a strange tingling feeling in my fingers and sometimes in my feet it is a really strange feeling. As for pain in my legs sometimes it is like someone is using them as elastic bands and pulling them very tightly making it hard to walk and almost impossible to bend down. I have a lot of pain in my hips if I walk a long way. I end up waddling rather than walking.

  • I can bend relatively easily but trying to straighten is very difficult

  • yes I have had all that, but then they thought mild lupus. .Its how it kind of began for me. Not to worry, because rhumetologist has taken me off lupus meds for now, and is starting at square one again...Im not sure why..i just go along with what he is doing (he goes back and forth on things)...I had him talked into low dose of meds...all was working well...next visit he flipped on me...I tell you this, because the symptoms might not be mild lupus for me ,..or you. But I had exactly what u describe.. I also have bad degenerative disc probs in L5 s1 area...it can mess up things too pelvic, hip, down legs, tingle odd...but they said lupus doesn't attack backs..?

  • Hi, I know exactly what you mean.I have had this for the past week every night! My husband is fed up of me trying to describe what I am feeling, because I dont know how to describe it properly, apart from my legs are fizzing! The pain in my hips, pelvis and llwer back is horrendous, and when I get up My legs feel like lead weights, it really is awful. It just seems to go on and on with different problems!

    Hope it passes for you soon, regards Emm.

  • Aww Emma. I hope it eases for u. It is horrendous. Is there anything that can b done or just another thing to put up with

  • I recognise your description. My pelvic area is the worst dead weight but thighs can get bad too. For me I think the fizzy tingling is likely Restless Leg. I empathise. X

    I have spine facet and sacroilliac probs.

  • I know exactly how you feel. I started with pain in foot, thought to be plante fasciitis, and now have extremely tight calf, pain tingling day and night down leg, extremely painful groin and hip. Sending me for X-rays and scan and probable cortisone injunction in hip. Not looking forward to that but hopefully will help. All my left side as well. one thing after another. My husband is sick of it! My bloods show overlapping syndromes with crest pattern but no sign of scleroderma and rheumatologist says fibro. Not convinced and so frustrating. Already had disc replaced in neck with synthetic one, which has helped a lot. Sorry for the rant, first time on site and feeling a bit down.

  • Thanx zackie. Hope it all starts to improve for u

  • Hi Juliekp,

    Like Zakie and dgleds, I have a sneaky suspicion that the problem is with your spine.

    I had similar symptoms to what you've described, was fobbed off with Fibro for several years until I managed to get a Lumbar Region MRI which revealed problems with my spine from L1 to S1 - in other words, the whole of my lower back region. I'm now scheduled to have open back surgery which I'm dreading but hopeful that it will help me return to some sort of normal life regarding my mobility.

    Print off what you've written if you can and take it with you to your doctor. Push, push and push some more for some sort of xray or MRI scan to clearly identify what the problem is. Even if you discover that hopefully, there's nothing amiss, you will at least get some answers and believe me, knowing can be hard but Not knowing is far far worse.

    Wishing you all the very best going forward, prepare yourself for questions like - what makes it feel better, when is it worse, how is it first thing in the morning, how far do you have to walk before it sets in, is it worse, sitting up, lying down or standing and what position is most comfortable for you. Finally, they may ask what meds you take to help with the pain.

    Do let us know how you get on as there are so many people experiencing similar things who may be too shy or unable to post but would really benefit from knowing the outcome of your concerns.

    We're all rooting for you.

  • I get that got bad hip my left worse and for last 3 weeks my leg in pain all way down my legs knee and ankles hurt me they twitch all time iv got APS but my doctor sending me to see a specialist in Leeds in stead of seeing 3 that are not doing anything good luck hope you find out wots going on I hope I do too

  • Thank u all for yourreplies

  • May be worth being checked for RLS Restless Leg Syndrome which I have as well as Fibro. It is tingling of nerves an flickering/ pulsing as well as pain in the calf and thigh and occasionally buttock area. I think the hips bit different significantly from men and women one of the few areas the illness may differ between men and women.

  • I have the tingling in my feet

    calves and. Hands. Usually

    means a bad flare. Hope you

    get some relief soon. X

  • Maybe this is different ?

    I get lower back pain, hips,front of legs, sessions of tingling which last days which I think is Restless Leg, (some say Magnesium helps)

    I could say it is quite like 'fizzing' as Emmapea says. My back to stomach area also is like a deadweight, hard to walk.

    I have facet and sacroilliac joint probs, and genetic scoliosis in my.spine.

    I hope you soon feel better.

  • I would not wish this on anyone, but the fact that others can sympathise gives me great comfort in knowing I am not making this up and it is real!

    My mum is 82, has exactly the same symptoms, and after an afternoon in bed with agony has been to see if I am ok as she knows exactly what I am going through with pain as I am usually up and about looking after everything and body! She has been just the same as I am now since she was 58 years old, I am only 50, it scares me so much what is to come.

    Thanks so much for reading Emm.

  • Ps, frgot to mention I have just had Xrays and scans which show I have a mid vertebrea fracture and arthritis in lower back andpelvis, I have bought Epsom salts for baths, pain killers, at moment am on £45 worth of prescriptions per 2 months, I am going to have to go back to gp and advise pain yet again! I could do with a monitor onme witha thermostat type measure to actually show my pain! That is the only thing which would show what I am goiing through.

  • I absolutely sympathise with you. Its never ending. You just get used to one thing and up pops another and if your doc doesnt understand then it can be very depressing as well. Sending hugs. Julie

  • Hi may name is linda i would just like say that i understand ive had a few of your symptoms,if you are taking statins for colestrol they can cause lots of problems,i went to my Dr and asked to have a change in my medication,have they ruled out arthritis? i do hope you get it sorted.xx

  • I haven't seen my doc about this particular thing cos im sick of being fobbed off

  • i know how you feel, at the moment im at battle with Drs as im almost sure my grand/daughter has m.e,so yes i know what you mean,its your life you know your body better than anyone else.good luck.Best wishes.Linda.xxx

  • Thanx Linda. Ye we do know our bodies but cos they're medics they think they know better. Im sick of feeling like a hypochondriac. Hope u get some answers soon. Julie

  • Pressure points . Due to fibro . Try to change how you sleep. Place a pillow in between your knees . Also hot bath b4 bed . Hope this helps 😃 dale

  • Hi am having the same problems & the pain in the pelvic area is getting worse! Although I've had fibro for a long time it's definitely getting worse & new treatments only seem to help for a short time! Love to hear from you x

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