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does anyone else have this?

hiya all am 30 and was diagnosed with fibro in 2005.

just wanted to see if anyone else suffered with their right side of their back going all numb between bottom of rib cage and top of hip right across to my spine. it's been happening for a few months now and my gp said it's part of the fibro but i also have ankylosing spondylosis and wondering whether its a symptom of that instead.

thank you for reading

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thank you for your reply chris, i have an appointment with the rheaumatologist next month so am going to mention it as i havent been able to find an answer either on here or even by googling it xx


hiya jules, i only take paracetamol and 1 x 50 mg tramadol twice a day as i am a single mum to a 2 yr old girl and find that higher doses make me really drowsy to the point when i cant look after her properly. yes i get the tingling, stabbing pain when the numbness starts wearing off. my dad had ms so am starting to worry a little as there is a genetic link. i think i need my body erasing and starting again :) Sarah xx


lol i was gonna suggest the same sit down nd write it all down that is what i done and it is amazing how helpful it was to me and my GP who is wonderful i am lucky but that way you wont forget anything hope this helps love to you diddle x


my back is numb from shoulder to waist on the right side


hiya all thank you for all your comments. i have regular blood tests as i have a sky high white blood count and they dont seem to know the cause. i noted on my last few rheaum letters that they are saying something about 'no need yet to start auto immune suppressant therapy' so am assuming that they know something else is wrong. i dont have the letters to hand either to write exactly as i've had to send them off to the blooming dwp for my esa assessment. i'm going to write everything down so next month i dont forget anything and am going to ask for a new set of xrays etc last time i had them done was in 2004 xxx

ps Happy Easter everyone, hope the bunny visited your houses this morning :)


hi may i give you and every body a tip when you are sending documents please send copies you allways keep the orignals this is the only proof you have.hope this helps lol jenny.


Hi barnsleyar,

I am 31 and i am a mother too, so i know how hard it is to have this and look after children, its so hard.

I have numb patches in lots of different places, my chin and lips, my buttocks, the bottom of my back and my hands and feet.

I had an mri for MS and it came back clear and i have gone from having a fibro and under active thyroid dx last year to having allsorts wrong now but thankfully not MS.

It is so possible to have numb patches with fibro but i would push your doctor to tell you what they are thinking.

Hope you get some answers soon hun,

hugs, kel xxx


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