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Problems with elevating Limbs anyone??

Hey everyone,

I'm curious to find out if anyone else has problems with extending their limbs and elevating them along with their Fibro pain?

It was the first pain I started to notice when I was first getting the chronic pain at the beginning of 2015.

So for example, If I have to hold my arms up for longer then about 5 seconds, pain starts radiating along them getting more and more intense and sharp then they start going numb.

Its really difficult to do simple things like dry my hair, hold a phone to my head, lift anything higher then my shoulders and just basically anything that involves lifting my arms up without support.

Is this common for Fibro suffers?

Its also in my legs so I find I cant stand on one leg for more then a few seconds without this same feeling.

There is literally no way around it and it drives me mad. But so far i've never heard anyone else complain about this issue so just reaching out to see if anyone has experienced these sort of symptoms and any advice really?

Thanks Charlotte

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Hi Cwalker182 and welcome to our wonderful forum ;-) I'm sure you will come to love it as we all do. It really helps to be able to interact with others that are going through or been through the same experiences as yourself.

I'm afraid that weakness of the limbs is a symptom of Fibro but it is also a condition that is caused by over 200 different conditions, so it is always good idea to speak to the doctor if it is very intense. I'm presuming you have been tested for other various conditions !

I can not wash my hair, dry my hair, or stand on 1 leg either, and I know this is something that a big majority of our members can't do either.

I am thinking that, I do get numbness and tingling, pins and needles but it comes from nowhere and not as a result of holding my arms up etc. it can come on if I'm laying down doing nothing but everyone is so different so its hard to say if symptoms are the same as another person because they more often than not, vary so much.

I hope this helps in some way and I'm sure you will get lots more replys.

Please do go and check out the Mother Site Where you will find lots of useful

Information and links. If you subscribe to emails you will get all the latest news on Fibro

I look forward to chatting with you on the forum.


I advise you to lock your post for your safety as unlocked posts are open to the internet, I have pasted a link to easy guideline on how to do this yourself in future.

Peace, luv n light

Jan x


Hi Charlotte welcome to the mad house. Hope you find it supportive and fun too. Yes I have this. I've had it in my left side for 30 years due to another condition but now in right side due to fibro. Just another frustrating symptom which limits what we can do I'm afraid hun. Take care xxx

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Hello Charlotte- yes these are common problems with fibro- it sounds like you need some physio input to strengthen your legs and arms, I have hydrotherapy each Monday and it has stood me min good stead to help pump up poor muscles, if your area doesn,t have a pool then ask about some physio or if there is an occupational therapy group you can join.

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Hello Charlotte and welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can find advice, support, help and information.

I have been trying to do those movements since you have posted and have just realised how much more limited I have become over time.

It is a bit of a vicious circle, we move, it hurts, we stop moving which means we lose muscle tone, which means it hurts more and so it goes on.

I think gentle exercise, particularly swimming and hydrotherapy is probably the best way to go, I think I will need to investigate my local pool further.


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Hi Cwalker182

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling with this issue, and I do have problems on my right side with lifting my limbs. I have problems hanging the washing on the line as I cannot keep my arms up long enough to peg it on etc. I also have trouble raising my right leg too much which can make me stumble.

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I have this too. Really struggle to dry my hair ( have to take a break in the middle) or hold my arms up. I get round it by using a cushion or pillow to rest my arms on when reading and also have a v shaped pillow to support my elbows. I've started using a hands free kit for phone calls as I found that was causing neck and head pain as well as the pain and numbness in my arms. I'm trying to do Pilates for about 20mins a day but do struggle with weight bearing and balancing movements. I also find it very difficult to type or write without the pain and numbness starting within 3-4 mins.

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