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Depression inevitable when coping with such daily Frustrations of illness and lack of medical support. As clever people we get Pissed off!!

Depression inevitable when coping with such daily Frustrations of illness and lack of medical support.  As clever people we get Pissed off!!

my morning tonic - What i am trying :)

weight gain defo from e=meds and reduced mobility. i have put on a stone per year of illness yet my family are shocked, i only eat organic and healthy and far less than anyone in my family yet the gain has been constant.

i got so fed up with comments from gp i would sometimes take a family member who would help reiterate my low volume eating habits if only just to stop the gp apparent sceptisium on my eating habits. i also had to find out myself about the weight gain of some of the various meds as gp never explained this to me. if only gp had realised how scary it is for us when gaining such radical weight for no reason other than lack of mobility. we are clever people and know weight gain of this level is not good for our already compromised body functions.

the good news for me, i started the cave man diet and have allimated all carbs and sugers (fruits) intending to stay on this for one month. I have cut out my most meds except essentials, take suppliments, antibiotics and i was not even thinking about my weight, then yesterday, my sister said pop on the scales i think you've lost weight. after only 6 days i have lost 8 pounds!!! i could not believe it. my first loss, since becoming so very ill.

this is not a diet to follow without expert medical guidance and it most certainly is not easy, my symptoms are all very much worse and my expert told me it would be this way for two months before improving. so i am only on the first small step, after one month i will reintroduce small amount of natural carbs, and fruit (natural) .

my symptoms are currently yo yoing from bad to their worse. also even though i don;t have diabetise, my mood swing are like that of a diabetic attack, swift and short lived if i eat a stick of celery they slowly went yesterday.

i miss my old life, i want to see if things can improve by getting my some of my dysfunctional digestive processes to start working again (you see i do believe the sleepness night are sometimes caused by low blood sugar, caused by IBS effecting our bodies suger controls (stress is not the only clause but does have an impact on how our bodies flight or fight mechanisms work, which in turn disables the pancreaus and immobalises sugars from the liver,sometimes leading to non alcholic hepatic (fatty) liver). it makes sense to me for why i wake in a state of physical anxiety whilst having gone to bed in good mood. it is our body (esp brain) bring starting the flight or fight nervous system, as we have low blood sugar and need to wake as body/brain can only function on a very short sugar range. when the sugar levels drop the body will mobilise the alternative system to creating energy by breaking down sugars in stored in liver.

i am not saying all sleepless nights are about drop in sugar levels, i know from experience not all sleepless night are due to this but as some sleepless nights are due to muscle pain or irritable bladder or sweats or changes in body temp.

so like all us fibro's when my brain is in gear and clever i like us all have been left with no alternative other than to jump on the web and review world wide research on this complex condition.

i also believe our condition becomes a breakdown on a multibody functional level and this is why are condition is so wide ranging and symptoms so extreme.

so this is what i am trying at present and will let you know how i get on.

plus i am going to the three top teaching hospitals whom are all carrying out tests and working together.

((((hugs to all)))

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I love the picture you put there Happe,wish I knew how to do that.

It looks just like me at the moment,minus the heels.

After about 7 weeks on gabapentin and a new antideressant I blew up like a baloon,I`ve lost about half a stone and now have the other 1 stone to shift.

As you know not easy when we are not as mobile as we used to be.

The sleep problem that we have is because we only get the Rem sleep and not the deeper sleep that comes after that,which heals the muscles and allows us to relax.So I don`t really get the idea of blood sugars being involved except for the fact that when you don`t sleep the need to eat doesn`t shut down as it would it doe`s for healthy people.

Having said all that I am going to look up the cave man diet,I think there is somrthing to be said for us not needing so many carbs,as we are not so mobile as, we were in our healthy lives.

I have found on UTUBE some very good exercises you can do sitting on an upright chair.It make me feel I`m being more proactive with this.

Well done on the weight you have lost and I hope it continues for you.I know someone who did this diet and they lost a great deal of weight.

Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx:-).


I have been thinking along the lines of a "stone age"diet also....not only have I gained 6 extra stone yipes !! but I have horrific IBS which this week alone has left me sofa-bound for 3 days with the horrific stomach pains.....GP sadly only gives me any meds going but having tried the lot none of which work and getting really low about it as it now spoils even days out with children etc etc and Im becoming virtually house bound.....I am convinced its something Im eating not agreeing with me and have just sent for the york labs £10 pre-test kit which tells you if you are likely to have any food intolerances then you can go onto to get the full test done for around £200 not cheap i know but when you are desperate I am thinking its worth a try as Im now soooooooooooo desperate to get rid of or ease either my IBS - pain - or fatigue I think the cave-man diet is the same as stone-age diet basically anything you can catch,kill or pick as I dont eat meat it will probably be tricky but going to look into this one............let me know how you get on .............thanks x


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