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GGggggggrrrrr Doctors !!!!!!

BBC Breakfast this morning had an article about Dr's striking ... This was my comment "I am not happy, Its a nightmare to get an appointment with the larger of the two Dr's as it is, he told my 10 year old she was fat and I changed Drs because he was unsupportive of my CFS/FM I couldn't believe I turn on the tv and he was talking about striking ..." In fact his comment when I moved to his surgery was "Dont expect me to believe it" when I told him what my Diagnosis was !!! And he was on tv .... I am so angry, this man is ... well I wont be rude ... You can call his surgery and the first thing they say is "cant get you an appointment till next week ... every single time. GGGGgggrrrrrrrr. So MAD, Lousy surgery as it is !!!!!!

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sounds like a lovely man ,not !

i bet you wanted to throw a brick at the tv ,lol :-D


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