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fibro friendly Doctors

i am sure i asked this before, how can we tell if a dr is 'fibro friendly'. Is there a list or rating system or anything. My Dr almost rolls his eyes when he sees me and often reminds me that i can get a repeat prescription without an appt.I dont think he listens to me anymore - last time i was in we talked about changing my psoriasis cream - he went into great detail about how to use it and that it might stain light clothes. When i got to the chemist he hadnt put new wonder cream on the prescription nor my HRT or codeine. Maybe he has fibro fog!!

I am seriosly thinking about changing Drs but how do i know if the next will be any better. I live in N22 area. Any one know a really good DR

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It sounds like you have got a negative fibro dr, think you should change as we need all the help & understanding we can get...take care Tiddlyf, soft hugs x.


if i was you i would ask in your Surgery what other Dr's there are!

Or is it a small surgery with only 1 Dr available as i once lived in a village and was just one Dr.

You can either ask on the next visit for another one or change surgery.

Your Dr should give TLC with our problems as we can be sensitive just as we are to touch .

they are there to help not make things worse and this can cause stress too for you, so please do not keep putting up with what your not comfortable with it is their job!! they have to be very patient and be able to adapt in mannerism to however you are feeling.

I have a few in mine and we now and again get locums or new dr's that last a year or so then leave i have seen all of them i think, i get passed around and get asked who would i like to see.

The ones who were 'once' a little firm are now very pleasant and helpful ! the one i seen today was checking everything and do i need anymore of this that and other .. so if i were you i would just ask if you are not happy and you can make a complaint so long as you word it pleasently as i once did regarding a now retired dr.

I have a good relationship too with the receptionsists which there is so many!

huggles to you xxxcazzie xxxxx


I get on well with the receptionists as well and i can usually be seen same day if i phone early enough its just sometimes i swear i see his face drop when he sees me walk in - then i just feel a nuisance. Other times i can talk to him even ended up crying a few times, but he just , i cant explain he just doesnt seem to get how bad i am feeling or getting. because it is getting worse.


Hi Tiddlyf

Can only suggest you try see another doctor. Your doctor doesnt seem very sympathetic. I know the 2 drs I have seen have been great. I know that there are other drs at the surgery that have dismissed the fact that fibro exists.

Good luck x


Hi Tiddlyf

I would suggest that you change practices or see a different doc at your surgery. I went through years of having doctors ignore me and now have one that used to be an osteopath and is very good re: back problems.

Also if you see an osteopath or a similar professional they can often advise you of good GPs or liaise with the GP on your behalf.

Good luck and big hugs x x


Hi Tiddly,

My doctor can be like that too, he has been very attentive to me in the past but since the end of June he has been taking every second week off (makes me thinks hes retiring but hes only in his 50s), for 'holidays', and I've nearly always seen him the first day he comes back from his holidays and he tends to roll his eyes too, not realizing I have several illnesses and more to be seen to (awaiting scan for my narrowed esophagus and for my thyroid and hernia) and really I think he should at least be giving me something for my thyroid, so I'm looking around for a more fibro friendly doctor myself and I might bring some family members with me too, if they want to come, it would serve him right, write down all you want to ask him about, I did that last time and then lost it in my handbag (very embarassing no wonder he was rolling his eyes) but they should realize we are really sick and need more time, anyway let us know how you get on xxxxx


Thanks for all your messages and advice. Like you Clairebm i have multiple problems and my Dr is also off a lot and has now gone part time. There is a new Dr and i have been seeing him most of the time. At first i thought he was better than my own dr, but now i think he is just bored by me and seems not to listen. I have decided next time i am in the surgery to ask him his opinion of fibro. If it differs from my experience of living with it then it will be goodbye im afraid.


I know tiddlef, I know I dont know what to do myself my mla told me the health centre at the bottom of the hill where I live are very fibro friendly maybe I'll ring them monday and see what they say, I am going to ask first for my notes even if I've to pay £20 which is the going rate I believe (disgraceful), terrible isint it as if we dont have enough to worry about, that blasted dla doctor that came out to my house a few weeks ago seemed very sympathetic, and agreed I had a lot of ailments, the b... told different to the dla, or so they say (got knocked back, but am appealing, fip them anyway) take care love xxxxx


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