Got my copy of my Medical report

And what a load of rubbish!!!! will be appealing. Spoke to my GP yesterday after having an ECG (because of chest pain..which was normal-thank goodness)his remarks about my medical assessment was " they are failing everybody!!!" and he was'nt happy about it either!.In my medical report it states l have no motivation for getting up out of bed(basically) thankyou Atos but l have all the motivation l need it's the energy l require!!! it was like a real slap in the face...l'd like to suggest they tell a wheelchair user that they lack the motivation to walk!!!and no disrespect to wheelchair users is meant here!

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  • Why do they not say the same thing to addict who get anything they want sorry if offensive not meant to be but why give someone high disabilty money that only goes to support there addiction and we are left to struggle in pain not of uor making

  • god that makes me so mad, Ive got plenty of motivation, its my body that doesnt listen

  • I am appalled at the total lack of understanding on there part and at the end of the day that is not a medical fact at all but merely a very ill informed opinion that could be the sort of stupid remark that any twit can make that has no idea what they are talking about. It makes me seethe to think that they are getting away with putting things like that when they do not even know you other than for a very short space of time. If only they knew the frustration we go through at not being able to go and lead a normal life like the one we have lost completely. I would so much rather be up and about and walking and having fun than stuck in bed on a nice summers day when the world around you is carrying on and so would every person I know who is fighting with this and other long term chronic illnesses. I agree with Webby about the addicts getting their money with no problems. It is no good these MP's making remarks like they do about it not being right when people contact them in frustration they need to get off their backsides and actively start campaigning ruddy hard to get it sorted out. I have had this diagnosis along with OA in both hips and other places for 6 years now and I don't think I will ever stop grieving for my lost life and I know most people that have this have been positive and hard working people on the whole so they too will all be struggling with it as well.

  • l had'nt thought of it quite that way...'grieving for a lost life' but yes l guess thats what l am doing wonder that depression often sets in well and deep!! have been very active most of my life and also very independent, never asking for help if there was even the slightest possibility l could do whatever it was by myself so it does not always come easy to have to as good as 'insist' on help!and now in this situation l have to actually 'fight' for it!

  • im wating for mine so it should be intresting . i have been taken off incapasaty. thinking of you all on hear

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