Update on Acupuncture

Well I have had 2 lots of acupuncture and it has made diddly squat of a difference. Still in pain constantly, horrendous tinnitus, IBS, memory loss, constantly tired, no, not tired, exhausted. I have nothing left to try, and have now been told by my boss, that my newly acquired lack of attention to detail, forgetfulness and time keeping are all becoming an issue at work. The sad thing is, she is completely right. Not feeling to great this week at all. Thanks for listening ♡

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  • Hi

    What a shame you have not had any relief from acupuncture, it works for some but not for everyone.

    Are you worried about your work? This won't help your symptoms and stress levels. Are you financially able to reduce your hours? It may be worth applying for PIP as this is not means tested and it may go some way to top up your wages.

    Perhaps you need to speak to your manager about how they could make your workplace easier for you.

    I hope you feel a bit better very soon.


  • Thank you Kay I am considering doing exactly what you suggest. I am worrying about my work. I have always been in work but now I am questioning how much longer I can keep putting myself through this. Just its very frightening looking to the future and how much my life needs to change. Thank you x

  • Try and bear with it a while longer as it may take some more sessions . I had it for back spasm and it took 4-5 before i got relief as my back was so tight . Best wishes 🌸

  • Is your acupuncture being given through NHS or privately. Only asked as I had 8 sessions of needle acupuncture for my hip and lower back on NHS and it did nothing for pain. On recommendation I paid to see a Chinese medicine/acupuncture therapist and he as able to bring those two particular pains down to a much more bearable level.

    So sorry to read about the job problems. I had to accept I want fit enough to work, horrendous decision to have to make but sometimes for our own sanity we have to make it.

    There are benefits out there as bluebell99

  • It is private treatment. She does come highly recommended. But I honestly don't think it is going to help no matter how many times I go and I so wanted it to. I have my first appointment next week at pain management. Maybe I will get some constructed advice then, I can't keep taking Oramorph !! I do have to have a good long think about work, it's really getting to me knowing I am not doing a good job any more, it's demoralising to say the least. Thank you for your reply, it is appreciated ♡

  • If Pain Management offer you Hydrotherapy give it a go. Unfortunately I was only allowed 6 sessions but towards the end I realised it was really helping my movement. Let us know how you get on with it all.x

  • That could of been me who wrote that post I had acupuncture it was shocking ,I had 10 sessions and did not work I'm in constant pain and have horendass Tinnatas I spend my time trying to help others on this site xx

  • Hi Lizzy-m

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and I have to admit that I did not get any positive results from acupuncture either. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Just wanted to say thank you all for your replies. I am so glad I have found this site ♡

  • I did 10 sessions of accupuncture in all my back pain got better the same day but the rest of my body got short relief from would go agian but can't afford it now x

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