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Not worried at all about cancer check up this afternoon, but worried about getting there

So crazy but true. Tomorrow I'll find out if my surgery is happnening soon or a bit later. No worries about any of it whatsoever. I've stopped smoking like they asked. I'll stop the nicotine using Zyban once they tell me it's definitely time for surgery. House will be looked after, cat and dog will be looked after. Will make sure folk pop in and out to see how my Dad is - what's to worry about! Even got meals on wheels arranged for first few weeks depending on how major the surgery is.

Wouldn't it be great if this was how it was with fibro? Dad can't drive anymore. I can't afford to keep mine on the road. Got a disabled bus pass but will I have the strength to walk to the bus stop. Will I get the right seat in case I have to head for the door quick cos of panic attack or feeling sick with different meds?

Will I have a brain that's functional enough to understand what they are saying to me? Must remember my notebook for important bits. I must make sure they cut the right one off after all!

Will I even be able to get out of bed. It was touch and go this morning. Tried good sleep hygeine. Went to bed at 12, up at 8, made a coffee, sat on the sofa to watch the news, woke up at 3 covered in cold coffee.

Will I want to live tomorrow enough to go at all. Already had one psychiatric referral when I said I'd rather let nature take it's course as my quality of life wasn't worth fighting for.

You get the idea folks. All I can do is my best. I'm broke but If my local taxi driver is available, he'll take me there on tick. If it has to be baby wipes and dry shampoo then it will be.

Shouldn't be like this but I've tried patient transport and the stress of being driven all over the county from 10 am when my appt was at 2 pm made me ill for weeks. I got a taxi back on tick that day too!

Sure you've all had your similar experience from what should be the joy of your daughters wedding to a loved one's funeral. It's the not knowing what the day will bring that gets to me!

I know you'll be wishing me luck, including me in your prayers and sending me lots of gentle hugs. Thanks in advance. I'll keep them wrapped round me to keep me safe.

Whippet x

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will be thinking of you and sending gentkl ehugs xxxx


morning Whippet girl,

as you say you struggle as we all do, however you are having to deal with so much right now and i wish you all the best,

however, pls forgive me as you have already managed to cover so much, including for others your dad your pets and that is truly amazing given all you are having to contend with.

with this in mind you deserve to have a ride to and from whenever you need right now. as you state with Cancer people listen seriously, we'll address the fibro shortcoming another day.

anyway i have pocked about on web (forgive me but should not have to rely on tick for comfortable travel) you required some practical financial help whilst going through this. Fortunately for Cancer there is personal funding available out there from charity groups, click on link


call them they i am sure can arrange an emergency payment.

i wish you all the very best and will be thinking of you and will keep eyes peeled for update.

with love and hugs Happe <3


Thanks all, I feel fine this morning so am happy as larry really - funny old life innit?


Good luck whippet, i wish you all the best and a quick and easy recovery. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


Good luck Christine! Soft hugs.

Best wishes for a gentle, but very swift recovery sweetie,


Carol xx


Thinking of you whippet and sending you Big Gentle Hugs and Loadsa Love, will be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery

love Jackie xxxxxx


Thank you my lovely friends. All went well, tumours still shrinking on same drug that's side effects mimic fibro so not a bed of rosesl. At the end of the day maybe it's easier for me than some because I'm used to coping with pain and fatigue and fibro fog which are much the same of the side effects, I don;t find them such a shock. Don't know really; Who does ever anyway. I just know, I;m very gateful for your all bing here for me..

Love whippet x


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