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How do we keep going first fibro now my dad died on Friday morning went right throughout the night with my sister's and brother till 340am and even then I kept saying no dad no dad sat in his room for a while all of us talking to him and he could hear all somehow I feel totally destroyed ,never thought it would be so hard I miss him so much knowing I'll never see him again its so hard my body is in so much pain and now my heart in bits

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Oh dear Alison, gentle hugs for you and my deepest sincere sympathy at this dreadful time for you. I lost my father three years ago and still yearn to ring for advice. You are at the worst point of it, and you must let yourself grieve, cry as much as you need, tears do heal even though you think they may never end and that is so understandable😥😥 Do however try to take great care of yourself, Fibro has a nasty way of kicking us when we are at a low point and how I wish I could remove this from you right now, sadly that isn't possible. Know though however, that you are being sent lots and lots of positive, healing and strengthening vibes to you to help you as much as they possibly can.

I'm so pleased you have come here to reach out for our support and we will give it as often as you need it. I also hope that you have real time support from friends and family. Things sadly will never be the same, they can't be as you have lost such a huge part of your life, but I'm sure your dear father would want you to be as kind to yourself as you clearly were to him 😘

Gentle hugs {{{{{Alison}}}}} and remember we are here for you !!

Foggy x


I am sorry for you Loss. My Peace be with your Dad for ever more he will always be held in your heart.

Take comfort

xx ginsing


I'm so sorry to that you've lost you're Dad, our just can't explain properly how awful it is unless they've been through it themselves.

I hope you have got supportive family and friends around to help you get through this awful time. This level of emotional trauma will make your fibro so much worse, all I can say is that it will very gradually ease, I know it sounds trite. I am in the middle of the worst flare I've had, I think it is in part due to losing my Mum. I wish I could give you a hug. Talk about your Dad as much as you can, I found that this helped after Mum died. Your family and true friends should be supportive during this period, if not, councelling may help.

I wish you all the very best, use this site to get as much help and support as you can.

Becky X


I am so sorry for your loss, in my thoughts xxxx


So sorry for your loss Alison. I am grieving too at the moment and it is so hard. The fibro can get so much worse if we don't take care of ourselves. Sending a big hug. Treat yourself to something nice. Be kind to yourself and don't bottle up your feelings. Take care xx


Please can I offer you my deepest and sincerest condolences on your sad loss.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Sorry doesn't help you when your heart is breaking, There's so much to do but no energy to do it, putting the Fibro aside, the dark tunnel you are in despite the lighter days will in time ebb!

I sat with my darling Dad for 10 days and nights until he slipped away, the feeling of loneliness remains with me but it's not as painful as it was.

You will find the energy to get through because you have to, you'll do it for your Dad.



My deepest sympathies to you Alison, no words can describe the pain you must be feeling right now. I lost my dad 2yrs ago, just as I was going through the elimination process before diagnosis for FM. Please be kind to yourself and dare I say it, a little bit selfish, if you want to cry, cry, if you need to sleep, sleep and if you need to scream at the world for the unjust treatment you are suffering right now then, my darling, SCREAM!!

Take care. Karen xxx


Dear Alison, please accept my sincerest sympathy for the loss of your father. Losing a parent is so painful. It will be very difficult but please try and look after yourself. And as Karen said, you are allowed to be a little bit selfish at the moment and cry, sleep and scream, whichever is right for you. Don't forget we're all here for you x


I too lost my dad a year ago this month & therefore understand completely what you are going through. If you were as close to your dad, as l was mine... its the worst thing you'll ever have to deal with. My dad was also my best friend & although he lived around 5hrs away from me, we used to text each other every night! I stayed at my dads & cared as much as l could for him in his final couple of months & a further 8months helping my thankless mother, with all that arises after a death in the family. Not long afterwards, l suffered a Major relapse with my M.E & I'm still poorly now. Unfortunately l live alone & my mother & sister don't even call to see how l am. So l empathize with your situation & send you love & support at this very sad time. I do hope you have a supportive family & network of friends. It can't take away your pain, but it will help. Be kind to yourself & l wish you well. Jan.x


Sending you gently hugs. Cry when you feel the need. Take more time to do things as you will not be listening to your body at the moment as to when you have done too much. I lost my father-in-law at Christmas and I didn't listen to my body and ended up with a MRI scan. The days will get better and you will have time to think on all the good times that you shared.

Sending you hugs and positive thoughts.


So sorry for your loss you need to cry I lost my dad 2 years ago then lost my brother a year ago then I had a stroke now it's all catching up with me u need to cry and do all you won't to I never did cos was been strong for evry one Elise big hug for you and your family xx


Thinking of you very specially at this sad time, Alison, grief is a long and painful journey, but the love you shared with your dad will always be yours and always be with you.

Sending you my deepest sympathy,



Please accept my deepest sympathy on your very sad loss.

My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

Best wishes

Lu x


I'm sorry. I know it isn't easy, but life does go on, so hang in there. You never really get over losing a loved one.


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