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bed time?

well i think i had better try and get some sleep .... i have both dogs snoring their heads off either side of me, gizzie is soooo funny he lays on his back mouth open head lolling to the side its such a funny sight poor lamb cant sleep on his side or front due to deformed ribs and millie is nearly rolling off the cushion cos she always dreams lol!

heck next week i have my son staying so i will be surrounded with snoring, hubby next to me son on the put me up and the 2 dogs on their beds at the bottom of the bed on the floor lovely the whole place shall rattle AS THEY ALL SNORE , TY TALKS CONSTANTLY SLEEPING AS WELL AS AWAKE Millie does the same!! our bungalow is only small i think i had better invest in ear plugs ..... the snoring that wont bother me is my own.... after all i wont hear it will i wink wink!! lol!

Night all hope you sleep tight

hugs poppy xx

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*Yawn* I think I'd better do the same. :) Just spent the last few hours trying to peice together the reasons why I got fibro in an answer to a question. It took a while but I was determined to finish it and get it off my chest ! Now feel a lot better for it. :)

Hehe, and your dogs sound adorable. I have a ginger coloured dog called Amber who snores very loudly in the evenings ! But its my cat who lives in my room with me, he thinks my bed is his own- he is very lazy and sleeps on it all day non stop. And a few nights too, he also sleeps in really awkward places, i.e. where I rest my head. But does such a good job of looking cute that I always feel mean for moving him. You've probs already left for the night, so sweet dreams and hope you sleep well. Also, hope you have a nice time seeing your son next week. :) Take care and speak soon, Gentle hugs, wanderingwallflower xx


hi fairyfunk, pets eh! who;d have them?! lol,

Gizzie is like your cat he sulks like mad if we tell him to get down he's my personal shadow but had such a cruel bad start to life that we do give in and he's such an old boy suffering with arthritis that it wont be too long before he is unable to get up on the furniture or bed and we cant lift him as he hurts too much poor chap

hope you slept well hugs poppy xx


I have to go to bed before my partner and i hope i get to sleep first as i have no chance if he goes to sleep first. His snoring is bad and i am constantly digging him in the ribs to turn over so its not in my ears lol. It stresses me out sometimes and puts more and more pressure on me to sleep.

hugs, kel xxxx


hi jazher, may be a set of ear plugs for you may be an idea hun my hubby moans if i do go before him as with the exaustion i snore badly but as i tell him it dont bother me...... i'm alseep teeheehee : D

hugs poppy xx


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