Can you make out the dogs, all asleep, the White is a Golden Retriever called Louis, the one in the middle is my daughters, Doug the Pug, and the black one is a Gordon Setter called Ruben, they all play and sleep as you see happily, my daughter has just bought another dog, Dottie, a cross between dogs I cannot spell, so on Monday to Thursday they stay with us until she comes home from work. My dogs are wonderful and accept any dogs that come into our home. Everyone have the best day that you can have , best wishes,

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  • All the best to you dear poppy! The dogs are ver cute!

  • Hi, I hope they cheered you up even it was only a little smirk, please take care and just get through today, tomorrow you'll perhaps will feel better, sorry I've not got any flowery and funny things to say, just cannot haven't got the know how but I am thinking of you. best wishes

  • Thank you. I am trying but I don't know if I can.

  • Hope you can, x

  • Aww, sweet ❤️

  • Thank you very much I do appreciate you!

  • Just getting the past mistakes of my life thrown in my face, but yet I am supposed to let there past go. You know the whole will I learned from mine but you didn't.

  • Family can be cruel but you did the best you could at the time and we all make mistakes try to get over today. X

  • It's hard when I am supposed to forgive there mistakes but they don't have to forgive mine!

  • That's kids for you.

  • Better now I had some alone time. Listened to someone that refreshed my sprit.

  • Well done to you I'm very pleased. Best wishes

  • Thank you for being there you helped more than I can ever repay! You are truly a blessing for me.

  • Beautiful Love All Breeds. I have Cocker Spaniel Millie. Love Her To Bits💕

  • Hi, I love cocker spaniel they were in the mix when we were deciding what breed to have last time, Giant Schauzer, German Shepherd, German Pointer, Gordon Setter, English Setter, Goldie, Newfoundland, the Gordon was the one we decided on. He's a softie and thinks that he's a lap dog.

  • Hi Poppy Poppy previously had

    a English Setter. Beautiful but he had Health Problems. All sad probably from his Breeding. But the most Gentle Dog I have ever had. X

  • Hi, I couldn't find a puppy at the time it was our Ruby Wedding and I wanted one for that I was going to call it Ruby for a girl and RUBEN for a boy, unfortunately I couldn't find a litter so I found. A Gordon breeder and I liked those so we bought a boy pup, he was and still is a really handsome lad. and unfortunately it was then that my Fibro and arthritis became worst and I have never been able to train him or walk him. We used to go mountain hiking on a Sunday for 3 to 4 hours and we loved it but now I can hardly walk to the top of our drive. my husband takes them daily which I kind of accepted but the mountain hikes I cannt. With my other dogs I used to do obedience training and compete as in Crufts but have never got that far, I used to go training twice a week and the closest I've came in a competition is 3rd so not too bad. but he thinks that he is a lap dog and want to crawl all over me and lick me o death. Our other dog is a Goldie he's lovely so very gentle, my grandchildren used to ride him when they were small he's so good and lovely so cushy and wonderful. Don't start me on dogs I don't know when to shut up best wishes

  • There Amazing XX

  • I love to be lying along side them cuddling in, though I 'd think my dog Ryan would have something to say about that woof woof woof......... thank you for sharing :) xxx

  • Love the dogs and the tortoise ornament I won't one 😀

  • We have boxer and a toy poodle. Boxer would cuddle right in. Toy poodle on the other hand would be going from lap to lap thinking she was getting all the attention!

    When I was little we had what my thought was a Great Dane mixed with a timber wolf. On hind legs standing up stood a little over 7 foot. On all four he was as tall as the Shetland pony we had. Humm yea I rode him as a horse. Very protective. Wouldn't let me out of the yard without my mom. He just picked me up by back of the (dreaded dresses) that my mom would put on me. Carry me to the porch and set me down!

    If kids where playing in the yard. KNOW ONE came in our yard unless mom said it was ok. I watched him pin the meter reader to the ground. Mom walks out and says I told you not to come in the yard if kids were outside. Now Gina go in the house. As soon as I walked in he gets off of him walks up on porch and layed in front of the door.

    Come to think of it every dog I have had is protective??!?!!?! Wonder if it's me?!?!?

  • I love it, what a story I love big dogs and Great Danes are so gentle I like the Harlequin one, I loved that story, I can just picture it and smile you be picked up. Just love it

  • They are all so beautiful. My daughter loves Pugs! Thank you for sharing.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Beautiful dogs.I have just had one of mine pass over to Rainbow got one lonely dog.

  • Oh so so sorry it terrible when one dies, bless him or her, don't leave it to long before you get another to help the other get through the grieving procedure he must be terribly lonely Without his pal. Best wishes of course you must also do what is best for you and your family

  • Thank you Poppy poppy.he gave me 10 wonderful years.he was quite healthy apart from mild arthritis in his back end.he collapsed when coming in from the garden.phoned emergency vet who said it was his arthritis and take him to vets in the morning.he perked up and was able to make it into the garden but then stopped it wasn't fair to let him carry other dog is missing him,she s very subdued and not keen to go for her walks.strange thing is she has picked up his habits.he would let me know where he wanted to walk by turning his head the way he wanted to go n also he liked to visit my friends'houses cos they would feed them.she is doing the same ,telling me where she wants to go and going to my friends house's.

    I was thinking of getting her a companion if the right dog comes along at the local rescue kennels but my health isn't good so may have to enjoy her.

  • My golden retriever went literally white over night when we lost the other one, he was looking for her and was in a terrible state, the two of them were rescued, with rescued dogs, they are usually toilet trained and it's not always their fault, I belonged to the Golden Retriever Club then so I put my name down immediately for a dog, I then had Louis who has not been a minutes trouble since we had him he w as about 19months and he is now 10 he is absolutely gorgeous absolutely lovely. You could have a small dog that doesn't need much exercise and give it a better life than he's had. Best wishes.

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