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Going to sack my angel.Going back to bed now.l

I hope that this time I will not be coming back until

The morning but I think that might be wishful thinking

I read in a daily news paper today, that this man believes

That we all have an angel at our sides and some people

Have two.

well I am thinking about sacking mine as they don't seem to

Help me with sleep so they are not doing a very good job, I

Am not rich and still have pain so I must be asking in the

Wrong way.

I expect my angel is a man and is busy snoring in his cloud

Some where.

Love viv

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lol you're gas, probably is, my thighs are really heavy to-day too, not a good day really.

Gentle hugs xxx


dont give up on your angel may have been blown off course by the gale force winds tonight I hope you have fallen asleep by now

butterfly wings beating soft tunes to replace the absence of your angel coming in from me petal


hi vivien,think you and me share the same angels cos im in so much and i cant sleep.iv been up for three days,had a couple of catnaps.but where all in the same boat...s*** init...and as for catnaps iv got 3 cats,1 is upstairs ASLEEP and 2 are on there own chairs downstairs with me.when i came down bout 2hrs ago i put light on and both of them in unison covered their eyes and are now SNORING their little fury heads off....wish i was one of my cats...infact i think the`v got our angels looking after them lol.lots of lv fm me


Thank you all for the replays it means a lot

Angel got off his bum and I had a couple hours

Going to ask him for some money now hope

No one hears me talking to an empty room

As it will the be confirmed that I am nuts.

Love to my friends

Hope you all have as best day as you are able to


Thanks Chris

Funny thing this fibro so tired you look at your bed

And imagine being all snuggled up and asleep

THen you get into bed and what happens nothing

So I then get cross what makes my husband think

He can make that noise when I can't even sleep

So a dig in his ribs is needed.

Poor man, but then he should snore with out noise

I think my Angel is That sex on legs from dirty dancing

And I am not sharing him. He's mine not that I could

Do any thing to tired so he had better stay on that


Love viv


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