Hi a member was just saying about putting lilo in bath to help them lay init for longer has anyone put one on their bed to be more comfortable i know everyone says about memory foam matresses but they are alot of money and i cant afford to get one especially if it makes no difference so any ideas ???? what do you all do ??? many thanks Diddle xx

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  • you could try a memory foam topper they arent as exspensive and if you like it you could go for matress xx

  • have a latex topper on my bed, well part of the mattress i got from ikea, sink into it, in so much less pain in the morning than my last mattress x

  • Electric blanket helps me when pains are bad. Would you believe rescently used an electric hair dryer as my neck to touch it felt so cold/hurting was the only thing I could think of to help the pain

  • Toppers are no where near as expensive.

  • i have a memory topper on the spare bed whcih i use occaisionally when i need a lot of support as the mattress is a lot firmer than my every night bed. on my every night bed i have a topper from ikea with a softer mattress. both have electric blankets and both are heavenly to sleep on.

    you can buy memory toppers in Aldi/ Lidl/ Coop?Tesco all of whcih are a reasonable price....go for the thicker ones if poss as the thinner ones dont keep you off the mattress so much xx

  • I have a feather topper. It cost me £35. It is wonderful. give it a shake every day and it will give you years of service, much better than memory foam, that made me sweat I didnt like it, but I love being cuddled by my feather bed

  • ok thanks for that not bad price either will look out for one take care love to you diddle x

  • I sleep on a duvet, its a single duvet, folded in half and i put it under the bottom sheet on my side of the bed, it does help and its not expensive. I have just got a feather and down pillow and found it far more comfortable than the one I had.

  • got double one under me at min but not folded in half perhaps i should try that in fact will go do it now and if not on here tomorrow i am still asleep bliss lol love to you diddle xx

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