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Off for scans today] How on got on

Good morning folks

I am writing this to you all on the community blog, as my laptop is playing up, and I can say a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL, instead of separtely, for your support, it is so appreciated . Well, went for scans yesterday, and OH JOY ALL ORGANS IN WORKING ORDER

however, although, kidneys, bladder etc, are ok, I do still have the pain, so now I have to go to another specialst,because as I suspected, the pain is probably due to the severe diviticulitisI I have. The trouble is, I saw a specialist about this about 3yrs ago, and he said I really needed to have an operation, but he couldn`t do it because it would be too risky in my condition, which has been made really bad due to an op I had in 1988 which went wrong, and has left me with really bad adhesions . However, the professor I saw yesterday, said that in 3 yrs, situations change, and perhaps there will be other options now, So, I`m going to try and stay positive, and hope. Thank God for this site I don`t really have anybody else I can talk to, or, who would be interested, so I have been very much on my own with my problems [ Oh God, I`ll have us all crying soon, what a wimp ] and even if I am being a bit wimpy, I know that, I can write how I feel, and get things off my chest , without being too much of a bother to other people [ I hope ]. Once agains, Thanks.

Lots of hugs to you all

Lyndi x

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Morning Lyndi

Glad everything is working it is all ways a good place to start. I feel like sining Doe a deer a female deer Ray a dderderde you remember it Glad you t\lk to the site it is very helpful isnt it.:) Do you find some times we go for these appointments and come away feeling worse than when we went in - we know how we feel we just need respect and understanding.

You are not on your own there is a hole battery of lovely people here in the same boat ready and willing to listen and pontificate. So dont cry get a cuppa and brace yourself for another day! :)



Hi Gins

Go on Gins, sing Doe a deer for us, [,we can`t hear, fortuneatly, although I`m sure you would sing it beautifully//] coz, I`m sure it will make you feel better although,one might think you have been on the booze this morning, lucky you. You are right, sometimes you are treated like an idiot, especially if you are older, they think just because you`ve got a few years under your belt, and everything has gone southwards, you`ve lost your marbles as well, WRONG, I might have ` FIBRO FOG `

but, I am definitely still with it, and heaven help anyone who says ` I ain`t `. It really is nice to think there are people who care, and that`s been proved by all the lovely comments I have had,although, I do think sometimes I might be boring the pants off you all, however, I do try and be entertaining sometimes, so, hope you start to feel better soon, keep singing , bless you, lots of hugs

Lyndia x


Hi Lyndia,

Sorry you're feeling a bit 'pulled about' - I hope you'll feel better soon, and that the docs can find some suitable op for your diverticulitis.

Moffy x


Thanks Moffy. I have had this for years so have got used to being told nothing can be done, however, sometimes it gets you down, especially as I know, that with age it gets worse, and I get frustated, [ naughty of me to be moaning ] because it seems that nothing can ever be done about all the other problems either, never mind, as you say onwards and upwards [ you`re right , what a stupid saying that is ] I suppose someone, sometime, will come up with what that means, just trying to be lighthearted. Hope you are feeling not too bad at the moment. My laptop is playing up, so it takes me a bit of time to get to the site, and I miss out on things sometimes, and then,the silly thing runs all the words together, and I have to start all over again, or try to put something right, and it deletes all the rest of the stuff i`ve written, it`s a wonder it hasn`t gone out the window, my patience these days it`s not as good as it could be. anyway, sending good thoughts to you,and thankyou for all your positive and amusing replies, it does help. By the way, sorry , I spelt DIVERTICULITIS wrong, my head sometimes needs upgrading

Lyndia x


It's so good that your organs are all ok ... That's one worry gone .. Now to think about your options... I am sure something can be done medicine moves with such leaps and bounds..

And while ops are never nice .... I have had 11 so I can empathise but if one more gets you some pain relief it will be well worth it......

Re GIns .... And her alcohol consumption .. We have have taken to watering down her Gin with water .... But please dont tell her....

VG xx



having things in working order is always good so that was positive results for you. And as medicine is continually making advances, hopefully your other problem can be sorted, fingers crossed!

I do so agree about this site, it is a brilliant place.




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