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wrist pain

to day have been in pain all over but mostly in my wrists . i put a bandage sleeve on the left one today as couldnt find 2 of them but even with that on im having trouble using them i move them and the bones crack move them, too fast and they feel like they are broken. got to have another blood test but in 2 weeks time and by them dr should be back from hols is this normal fm??

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lots of my body parts crack too! there was a post on here a few days ago about this so no youre not alone - nothing normal about FM!! hope its easier tomoz xx


I have lots of trouble with both of my wrists as part of my fibro symptoms, even holding a pen and writing for a short period makes them so sore. I find it helps to hold them in hot water for a few minutes and this seems to soothe them. That is along with pain killers and pain relieving gel. x


lolim stubborn about pain killers wont take them unless im dying !sometimes i feel as though my wrists will fall off if not bandaged up yes i know it sounds stupid but dont know how else to explain it


i know what you mean theres days i wish to god they chop my damn wrists off x


for the pain i have been using tiger balm its a little better but i have found heat to be most effective i really cant wait to get in bed with elctric blanket x


i also have very painful wrist but i also have joint hyper mobility, i just use wrist supports and ibuleve gel as that helps a bit, all of my joints crack and give me load of pain as well as the fibro

Hope your blood tests come back ok

Take care

Sarah xx :-)


i also have painfull wrists and swollen what a pain i feel like 90 im all so stiff most of time .

hope your blood tests are ok




My wrists started about a month ago, I thought I'd broken my right wrist the pain was so severe, it's now a constant dull ache unless I try to use it then it sends a searing pain !!! Went to dr yesterday as my knees are also agony- her response ... Age/wear and tear/ Fibro... Nothing she can do except she said try glucosamine & chrondroitin, so I am going to !!!

??and hugs Kirsty xxx


Ask your doc to refer you to occupational therapy - I am lucky in that I have access to a rheumatology occupational therapist. She has given me a wrist splint with thumb restraint to wear. It helps if i wear this even if it's just for a couple of hours a day. After a while it can get a bit hot and heavy. I had carpal tunnel release surgery about 18 months ago.


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